Thursday, October 2, 2008

Best. Metaphor. Ever.

I agree with your thoughts sir. Do you have a newsletter I may subscribe to?

Over the past couple of days, I've had to notable points about how absurdly shitty it is to be a Rangers fan. Well, Richie Whitt (yes, he of Greggo's story fame), at the Dallas Observer Sportatorium Blog had this metaphor in regards to Danks pitching a gem to get the White Sox into the playoffs.
"You must be sickened after watching lefty John Danks, once upon a time one of Texas’ best prospects, pitch like Sandy Koufax in a game that got his team into October. Three days’ rest. Two hits. One championship.

Perfect. Danks has 12 wins and is already a post-season hero. Texas’ return for him – Brandon McCarthy – finished the year with one win and countless injuries.

Sorry Rangers fans, but the girl you dumped just won Miss America. The girl you’re dating: Herpes."
Wow. Just perfect.

So, let's recap. Danks pitching like Koufax in Chicago. Adrian Gonzalez as the best value in baseball in San Diego. Tex protecting Vlad in Anaheim.

And I'm supposed to look forward to Neftali Perez, the Lizard and Chris Davis?

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