Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Are you guys alive and paying attention?"

How Brown feels these days...a coked up Brit.

The obvious answer to your question is the picture above.

No. Apparently both of us have jobs that pay bills and such.

Personally, I'm going to say shock, really. I much going on, and everyone is covering it already.

Time for quick hits...

-Tony Romo, breaks pinky (apparently it was a Cardinal sack, and not providing Jessica with that extra dirty loving that white girls appreciate). Originally thought to be out four weeks. Receives phone call from Brett Favre. Now claims to want to play this Sunday in St. Louis. I guess that can only mean that Brett Favre really is God. Now how about curing Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's, Brett? We want, nay, we need Teen Wolf 4.

-Terrence Newan, still injured.

-Felix Jones, torn hamstring. Felix is out for 2-3 weeks. So much for Jerry's Razorback Wunderkind. Lucky for us, I truly believe that Tarshard Choice is a solid back up to Barber. He isn't the flash that Jones is, but he certainly is better than anyone else in recent years.

-Pat Watkins, still hurt.

-Kyle Kosier, injured Jew. Big, we're looking in your direction.

-Flozell Adams, shoulder stinger. Technically this is the equivalent of temporary paralysis...yet somehow he still gets false start penalties. I wonder how well this will go over in 2013 when he's still under contract.

-Roy Williams, still injured. No one cares.

-Roy Williams, new addition. To quote a text message I sent to Big, "Finally, the REAL Roy Williams has come back to Texas!" I take full credit for this. I bet Jerry read this. I don't have anything else to say, except it was quite the week for Texas fans.

-Let's see, did I forget anything? Anything? Anyone? Beuller? Fry? ...Ahh yes, Q-bert strikes again. Pacman Jones, out for 4 games, minimum, maybe forever. You have one responsibility, don't fuck up. You sit out for 1.5 years and you are consistently reminded, don't fuck up. You see what happens to Mike Vick, and you're reminded, don't fuck up. You get a daily allowance from Jerry Jones with a note saying, don't fuck up. You finally get a taste of freedom and what do you do? YOU FUCK UP. I hope I'm not the only one who thinks Pacman Jones is slowly patterning himself after Brooks from "The Shawshank Redemption". He only knows how to exist "on the inside", and when he was finally free, he killed himself.

That's the worst comparison I've ever made. I'm sorry.

Oh, and to apologize for the Amy Winehouse picture above, here's an olive branch...

Megan Fox in a Star Wars T-Shirt. She'll never do me wrong. Ever.

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