Friday, September 26, 2008

So does this make him more of a douche, or less?

Josh Groban is kind of a douche, right. He sings girly music and looks like, well, a douche. That said, he did a tribute to TV theme shows the other night at the Emmy's. Kinda cheesy, kinda schmaltzy, but he does nail the Cartmen during SouthPark. Would have been better if there was a Simpson's but, hey, there wasn't a good times either.

You decide. Douche or No?


j-bizzle said...

pluses - singing in different styles, using different voices, chorus girls

minuses - rapping without even trying to sound like will smith, rapping period, ending with a hint of the cheers theme but not singing part of the cheers theme, he still sings girly music

i count 3 pluses and 4 minuses

3 - 4 = douchebag

Carl Badlander said...

i concur with jon. totally RAY!!!!