Sunday, September 28, 2008

Santana Effing Moss

I hate this guy.

Admittedly, I haven't seen a single Cowboy game this season because I'm usually flying on Sundays. However, every time I land, I immediately flick over to the box score on ESPN and read the game's recap.

Normally, I see how well Barber has run over a defense, or how well Romo has carved up a secondary. This time? Santana Moss makes Terrance Newman his bitch.

I guess this loss can be looked at as a few different things:

1) The Cowboys have been brought down to Earth. They've heard nothing but glowing reviews and already getting fitted for rings. Now, by getting beaten at home by a division rival, they might realize that no one's perfect...(18-1!!!)

2) Terrance Newman could be our Brian Westbrook. When he's healthy, he dominates his side of the field and people won't pick on him. However, he's been getting hurt every year with a nagging injury, and he immediately becomes ineffective. If anything, with Jones, Jenkins and Scandrick, Newman has the time to take off.

3) People have figured out how to defend TO. Owens is not the world's greatest route runner. He's still one of the best receivers in the league, but he's not exactly a Holt, Harrison or Smith when it comes to route running. Give him the under route all day long and tackle him as soon as he catches the ball. If you never let Owens get behind you, then he'll never be as effective as Dallas needs him to be.

I don't think I'm knee-jerking here. The NFC East is the best conference in the league, and I'd say that three of the four teams will make the playoffs. The only reason that the fourth won't is because of the playoff seeding rules. Hopefully, Double J doesn't overreact and do something stupid because of a close loss to a division foe.

Oh, and apparently, all the popular sports blogs in the world are D.C. centric, so get ready for a shit storm of Redskins coverage and big talking.

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