Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh to be a Rangers fan...

I'm getting ready to go to work this morning, and I've put on Sportscenter. Again, as much as ESPN's machine tends to furiate me, it's better than hearing about how I have no money left in the morning...and I have a bit of a crush on Hannah Storm.

Anyway, they were discussing the big playoff between the ChiSox and Twins tonight and discussing probable starters. Lo and behold, on 3 days rest, the Chicago White Sox felt that the guy they needed and wanted to pitch them into the postseason was none other than this guy:

That angry faced man is none other than John Danks, former Ranger top prospect, traded away for Brandon McCarthy.

Let's revisit that logic for a minute.

The Rangers felt that McCarthy was much more polished and major league ready, and the White Sox were willing to let him go, so they pulled the trigger.

Now, McCarthy hasn't pitched all year for injury and Danks is the man Chicago is depending on to get them into the postseason.

That's one D doing well. The V had his best season yet. And the other D had Tommy John already and hasn't broken out of the minors.

Yup, welcome to Ranger-ville.

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