Thursday, September 11, 2008

Not everybody is a "winner" anymore

I don't know if you guys have been following this whole Vince Young drama. Lets get you caught up to speed if you haven't.

After a subpar year last year(Madden Jinx!), Young briefly thought about retirement during the off season.

Last week, opening week, Young gets boo'ed after his second INT, and then when the Titian's get the ball back, he doesn't leave the bench to go to the huddle. Coach Fisher called a TO, and goes over to Young, who is "complaining" about soreness in his hamstring. After some goading, he go back in. Gets hurt on the next drive for real.

Young is out 2-6 weeks with a MCL sprain. The team is worried about Young's state of mind, sends a shrink over, report is that the shrink is worried about Young state of well being.

Young then speeds off in his Beamer, leaves his cell phone behind and can't be reached for four hours, team gets worried, calls Fisher, who alerts the police.

Comes out that Young was at his friends place "playing video games and eating chicken wings." Or so says Young's friend.

Yesterday Young's mother made a statement with the press, worried about her son, calling him lonely and sad.

At first I thought this kinda funny. A guy making 25 mill in signing bonus over the next 4 years is sad because he's getting booed. I also wanted, if for no other reason than to stick it in the side of Brown, this to be another UT athlete who has gone off the deep end. Then I got to thinking.

Is this a result of the "everybody wins" mentality that is sweeping our nation over the past 10 years or so? Think about it. Now a days we don't keep score in young kids sporting events. We make sure everybody plays the same amount of time on the court/field/rink. If not, its because the coach has something against the kids, not the fact that your kid sucks at sports.

This is something that has been a torn in my side for awhile now. People have called it the wussifacation of America, with everybody being treated the same, and its nobodies fault win people lose, because nobody does lose.

Do you know what happens when somebody tells you aren't good enough to play? Two things. Either you pout and quit, or you sack up and prove that guy wrong.

You ever think Vince Young, or Matt Leinart were ever told they weren't good enough before they got to the NFL? You think somebody ever said "you know we won last week Matt, but you threw 3 INT's so maybe you should put down that bottle of Jager and hit the films."

No, they probably didn't. And you know why? Because if they did he would pout and get defensive saying who is this guy, I'm Matt Fucking Leinart.

I've completely forgot what I was talking about. So let me just end with this;

We are going to see more and more of the Vince Young, Matt Leinart's of the world as the NFL goes on. Kidds who have been promised the world, when all the have to do is be the best QB/Pitcher/Goalie in the world, when the fact is, they might not be able to do that.


Bear said...

I think Vince Young is sad, and lonely because he's gay, and can't come out of the closet because of the political riticule he would get. He can't be public about his lover, and has had to shun him from his life and can't be with him when he wants to. Anyone see that picture of him at some bar with a bunch of dudes without shirts? I'm sorry, I've never been to a bar like that, nor do I ever plan on it!

But it is disturbing that these, so called, "Top Young Atletes" get to a point of adversity and instead of rising to the moment, they faulter and buckle. I listened to an interview with Pete Carrol and Dan Patrick where Carrol said that "...Leinart doesn't do well in a backup roll... You have to show to him that you are making him your guy and he will act that way." Well Boo-Hoo for Leinart. These guys just need to step up to the plate, tighten their laces, button on the chin strap and get to playing football!

steve said...

i say, if you're getting paid millions of dollars to play football, you should be able to take the criticism

mack brown just coddles his players too much, look at all the failures!