Thursday, September 4, 2008

Maybe now Big will join my hatred

I hate Oklahoma.

Everything about the state makes me want to gargle broken glass and wipe my butt hole with steel wool.

That being said, I automatically hate the new NBA franchise in Oklahoma City.

I already hated them for taking the Sonics out of Seattle and moving them to a destined to fail city, but with the release of the logo...oh boy.

Big, the entire time, has asked me to sit tight and just see what happens. Why? Big's a pretty peace loving guy, and he doesn't have the hatred I have toward things for no reason...unless it's the Belgians, Big starts punching people if he sees Van Damme or waffles.

However, I have come across an interesting note buried in an Oklahoma City NBA blog that might just turn Big on to my side.
"Oh well, it isn't the logo that makes the team, its what happens on the court that matters. Who am I kidding, this is the worst thing that's happened in Oklahoma since Dairy Queen pulled out of the state."
That's right, buddy, Oklahoma was so bad that DQ left, you weren't imagining things. Not only is the beer weak, but you can't even get a Hunger Buster or The Dude!!

Come on now, Big...feel your anger rise.


Big said...

No DQ = No big.

I almost stabbed a lady at a DQ outside of New Orleans when I ordered "the Dude" and she looked at me with a blank stare. She said "I don't know what that is."

APARENTLY outside of texas there is no "dude" sandwhich (chicken fried steak burger).

A small part of me felt sorry for the lady behind the counter walked away, knowing that she, and DQ's outside of texas, will be dead to me.

Ohh and I'm glade to see the WNBA getting this new Thunder team in OKC, good for them.

gerry dorsey said...

at the risk of looking like a bigger hack than i am, i already have a post scheduled for later that describes the thunder logo as very wnba/mls.

and in defense of new orleans dq lady, there are very few dq's in south louisiana. they're probably not even a part of the dq corporate agenda.

D-Nasty said...

Looks like a WNBA logo to me...

Maybe they can join after they suck in OKC.

j-bizzle said...

Oklahoma sucks because:
5) they make weaker beer than the rest of the country
4) it keeps Texas from floating into the Gulf of Mexico
3) Oklahoma & Oklahoma State
2) they brought a franchise (destined for failure) to a shitty city and gave it not only a shitty name, but a shitty logo to boot. How 'bout the El Paso Border Patrol? Also a shitty name in a shitty city, but at least it makes more sense than the OKC Thunder.

...and the #1 reason Oklahoma sucks...

1) existing