Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josh Howard hates america.

You've got to be kidding me. This guys really just needs to slow down a bit and keep his head low. Our favorite weed toting Dallas Maverick, Josh Howard, played in a flag football game this last July with fellow NBA star Allen Iverson. He thought a fan video was a good time to spout his political views, during the national anthem! What a retard.

Hit about 1:45 to see his dumb ass.


steve said...

i'll 100% tell you the issue here, it's "cool" to hate on America now. Remember? Everyone hates Bush and the government, and it's really cool and hip now to bust on that because Obama has the cure for everything that's wrong. Remember the old axiom for being cool: republican = bad, democrat = good.

So, Josh Howard wasn't really hating on America, he was hating on the political environment because everything that's gone wrong is the fault of the Republicans.

He just doesn't understand that hating on the government for every little thing that happens isn't the same thing as actually hating the country. They're apparently mutually exclusive.

Fucking celebrities.

gerry dorsey said...

george bush/republicans didn't write the star spangled banner, and america will be here long after both bush and howard are gone. show some fucking respect to the person singing if nothing else. that goes for all of this degenerates, not just jh.

that being said...its crazy man...you can't control what the ball be doin'.

Bear said...

All I have to say is... and not to light the Political firecracker remark that turns into a Dynamite explosion of comments is that After September 11th the entire country was screaming for us to go to war, and when we did, once people realized how much it cost, and how many people were dying they are asking for Bush's head on a chopping block. It's first disrespectful for this guy to be walking around filimg stuff during the Star Spangled Banner, and worse for what Howard said. If it wasn't for the GI's that died through the numerous wars and battles America has fought in for our freedoms Howard wouldn't be able to do what he does, and say what he does! And Damn you gerry dorsey for stealing the Ticket line I wanted to sign off with!

j-bizzle said...

George Bush hates black people!

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