Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm not taking anything away from Big...

...because I'm a big fan of his college football roundup on Mondays.

Mormons, they can be funny AND creepy

However, I've got to say, just what in the fuck happened this weekend?

I'd say this could be why college football is the best thing in the land. Every week counts, and nothing can be taken for granted.

This week's celebrations
-Gerry Dorsey and his Alabama crazy pants.
-Rich Rodriguez
-Fans of the Beaver. (giggle)
-Jevan Snead

Who's tasting the cold steel of a revolver in their mouth?
-Wisconsin. Well, at least the Brewers are doing something! Cheer up!
-Mark Richt. Yeah, good call on the "blackout", Alabama said it perfectly by saying it was Georgia's mother fucking funeral.
-Tebow. Oh, what the hell, ESPN still loves this guy and he won the Heisman with a 9-4 record, why should he give a damn?

You're new National Championship prediction

Vanderbilt vs. Northwestern

Oh yeah, just like my Bills in the Super Bowl pick.

Thing that still confuses me

Why is Pete Carroll still thought of as the greatest coach ever? Really, if Tressel (one national championship, damn near unbeaten against his rival), is considered a coach who can "never win the big one" because of his recent BCS failures. Why is Carroll (one national championship, damn near unbeaten again his rival) not mocked as a guy who always slips up on the easy game? Granted, I hate USC, but come on, this guy hasn't really done shit. His team dominates a weak conference and gets pub because their the only game in town (UCLA can say what they want). They won a single BCS title, and have faltered every year since then.

What to think of going into this weekend

After the Flying Petrinos were manhandled by Texas, how badly will Urban Meyer take out his Florida frustrations on Arkansas?

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gerry dorsey said...

crazy pants indeed. they were only slightly subdued by the presence of the gf's family...but not too much b/c dos equis and bud light were also present.