Monday, September 29, 2008

I concede. Peter King, you're out.

Funny caption!

I usually have a standard set of writers that I'll read during the week. Peter King at SI. Mike Silver at Yahoo!. Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports. Stewart Mandel at SI. Bill Simmons at ESPN. John Heyman at SI. Much more when basketball season kicks up. Nothing out of the ordinary. (FYI, the local writers have totally dropped off my radar. Every now and then I'll ready a JJT or Sherrington article, but only if someone tells me I should.)

However, for weeks on end now, I've pretty much given up on reading Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback. I've been reading this column every week he's written it since as far back as I can really remember reading sports on these here internets. King usually had/has good insight on happenings in the NFL, and there's no doubt that his sources are only outdone by Jay Glazer. (Side note, who wouldn't want to be Jay Glazer? The most plugged in man across the NFL, and participates in MMA fights for fun? Him and Joe Rogan...) Anyway, King just stopped giving a damn or...well, I can't really think of any other option. I don't have specific cases, but here's a quick run down of impressions I've gotten over the past year or so.
  • King's a huge Boston area fan, but attempts to paint himself as an objective observer. Come on, at least Simmons admits his homer-ism and takes his whippings for it.
  • The Favre obsession. Jeez. Note: Now has spilled over to Tony Romo.
  • I know enough about Mary Beth King to realize that I would probably not get along with her.
  • Starbucks isn't really what it used to be. We get it. Everyone knows that the same "baristas" work at every store on the planet. Quit sharing your thoughts on it and get your own fucking coffee maker.
  • I'm gonna say it, Peter King doesn't care about black people. I have no evidence to prove it, but I think it backs up my point.
  • King hates running quarterbacks. Mike Vick. Vince Young. I'm sure he hated Randall Cunningham (how dare he!), Rodney Peete and Steve Young (yes, he was a running quarterback in my book). He'll gush all over Donovan McNabb for "settling down in the pocket", but if you're a quarterback who thinks that running is an option, you better go to the AFL or CFL because the NFL is for pocket passers, chump!
  • Does anyone really care about your travel schedule? No. Trust me, no one likes to hear about mine, and those are my friends. Imagine how strangers might feel about knowing that I had to sit next to a gassy fat guy for 4 hours.
  • How do the Red Sox fit in to a football centric article? Again, admit it like Simmons or Whitlock with Ball State or Silver with Cal or stop it all together.
I kept reading thinking that King was in a slump, like Simmons was the past year or so. (Side note again, Simmons really just decided that since ESPN hired Reilly and Simmons already has a contract, he just doesn't care anymore and is writing the way he used to. I'm happy about that.) However, King just keeps getting worse and worse. It's like Whitlock and his "everyone hates black people including me" articles. Just give me the football insider information and quit with your opinion, holmes. Leave that to the unqualified and cycnical bloggers like Big.

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