Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coming up next, your local news....except on the west coast.

Few random thoughts while I've been on the road this week...

-I'm tired of hearing about hurricanes. The drink, Miami U, Ike, Katrina, Shane Helms. I'm tired of them all. That being said, if I get home and find a tree lodged in my roof, I'm gonna kill someone.

-Saw "I Now Prounounce You Chuck and Larry" on HBO last night while working in the hotel room. Maybe it's because I'm in Northern California, but that was a pretty funny movie. I was especially appreciative of a close to nude Jessica Biel, yet extremely pissed that Sandler got to feel that up. Kevin James? Funny.

-I hate first week snap judgements on the NFL.

-The Bills are going to the Super Bowl.

-Vince Young can murder, piss on AND THEN rape a dog's corpse and still be a hero to Texas fans. Quit asking me how I feel about him bordering on crazy.

-Why is Warren Sapp still relevant?

-Why isn't Chris Collinsworth given the credit he deserves as the best analyst in all of football. I want that guy to analyze how I make and eat oatmeal in the morning. I'm pretty sure I'll have a better raisin to oat ratio because of it. Yes, I eat oatmeal in the morning. It keeps me regular.

-Hampton Inn. Formerly frowned upon by Brown. Now? His business hotel of choice right behind Hilton Garden Inn.

-I find the Dr. Lou segments on ESPN to be mildly amusing. Right below watching a fat chick do crunches and right above watching a fat chick sloppily devour eat chicken wings.

-Apparently I happen to randomly observe fat women a lot.

-The Dodge Avenger might sound like a cool car, however, it's a fucking Dodge and you are reminded of that every time you hear the extra crank just to start the engine.

-Sports Radio outside of Dallas, TX is an abomination on the ears.

-Mike Nolan sounds like he might be 80 years old.

-Berkley makes Texas look like Liberty University on the liberal students on campus scale.

-I also managed to catch the VMA's this year. Not only do I feel old and out of touch with what the hell is going on in the world of today's youth, but I'd like to form a personal crusade to remove the following people from ever being mentioned again: The Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, MTV, anyone on the Hills or shows like it, fuck it just anyone who still cares about MTV.

-I did, though, enjoy Kanye West's performance of "Love Locked Down". Understated, yet a reminder that he might be the best in the game right now.

-The Tampa Bay DevilRays are for real.

-If the Diamondbacks are sliding with the pitching they have, then I'm not sure there is ever gonna be hope for the Rangers.

I'm out.


Bear said...

That very scene with Jessica Biel is the only reason I wanted to see that movie. And with that scene Adam Sandler moved up the jealousy list along with Enrique Iglesias (with Anna Kournikova), Emile Hirsch (with Elisha Cuthbert in 'The Girl Next Door'), Breckin Meyer (with Amy Smart in Road trip), Shia LeBeouf (with Megan Fox in Transformers and Sara Roemer in Disturbia). In fact, after realizing Shia LeBouf has lucked into these roles I now hate him! Oh... and when pulling up IMDB to make sure I got names right I noticed that they are filming the new Transformers movie. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009).

steve said...

You're crazy! The Bills aren't going to the Super Bowl.

I drive a Dodge Stratus!!