Tuesday, September 2, 2008

College Football Weekly Round Up - Week 1

College Football=Big's Heroin

I've never done heroin. Hard to believe I know, but I have never have. Watching FSN last Thursday where Wake Forest took on Baylor, and hearing the FSN game of the week music, i know what it feels like to get a really good fix.

It just soothed over me. Flooding my body with a warm feeling, as my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and at that moment, nothing else even mattered.

Then I came to and realised I was watching Baylor football, and the euphoric feeling lessened a bit.

Needless to say, College Football is back!

Every week during the college football season I'll pop on a post about College Football and the weeks past games. Its going to go down like this for the most part, until the last part of the season where I'll introduce a Heisman section as well. I'll give you three groups of teams, 5 teams each, and how they faired over the weekend and because I love wrestling, they will be in wrestling terms:

Main Eventers (team who have a legit shot at the BCS championship, IE your HHH's and Dave Batistia's)

Mid-Cards - (teams that aren't quite good enough for a national championship yet, but are right there, i.e. Kennedys, Santino Marella's)

Developmental guys(teams that are long shots, but are have a bunch of raw talent i.e. Evan Bourn, Priceless)

It being the first week, and only one game has been played, this list always starts out long.

Main Eventers (in order of how good they looked)

No. 3 USC (win 52-7 Virginia) - Look how Dirty Shanchez is! 26 of 35, 338 yards, 3 TD's 1 INT.
No. 5 Florida (win 56-10 Hawaii) - Only 1 TD for Tebow? I smell trouble!
No. 2 Ohio State (win 43-0, Youngstown State) Will no Beanie make their head cold?(giggle)
No. 1 Georgia (win 45-21, Georgia Southern) Not gonna lie, thought they could have been better.
No. 4 Oklahoma (win 57-2, Chattanooga) - 50-0 at half time.

No. 7 LSU (win 41-13, Appalachian State) Need to see what kind of QB they really have.
No. 8 West Virginia (48-21, Villanova) In that "lots of O, no D" mold that will be a trend here.
No. 11 Texas (win 52-10, Florida Atlantic) People aren't talking about this team (cough Brown) whether it be lack of superstar talent(false), disappointment over the last few years(true) or the thought of a mention will jinx them (brown), but watch out, this team is good.
No. 6 Missouri (win 52-42, No. 20 Illinois) All O, no D. (didn't believe me did you)
No. 10 Auburn (win 34-0, Louisiana-Monroe) nice new spread attack at Auburn where they passed the ball for 85 yards and ran it for 321(!).

Developmental Teams

No. 12 Texas Tech (win 49-24, Eastern Washington) All O.....you get the idea.
No. 24 Alabama (win 34-10, No. 9 Clemson) Don't think they will be here long, but when you beat the number 9 team in the land, you should be jumped up at least 10 spots. Plus I can only imagine what the scene was like at Gerry's House sat night, talk about not wanting to be the cracker.
No. 14 Kansas (win 40-10, Florida International) Say it was Lucky last year for the fighting Mangino's, but all I'm going off of is last years BCS win and this nice showing in the opener.
No. 22 Penn State (win 66-10, Coastal Carolina) Actuall text I sent brown while watching college football rewind, "I think they could take any of Joe-Pa's post game interviews from the past 30 years, and play them for me, and i wouldn't be able to tell what decade they were in, much less year." He's the winingnest coach of all time, for at least a week, congrats Joe-Pa.
No. 16 Brigham Young (win 41-17, Northern Iowa) The BCS buster dejoir this year. Looks like the "experts" might be right on this one. Might have something other than the Detmer family to hang your hat on come the end of the year.

The Big ups to all my haters! award for best upset of the week goes to two team:

Arkansas State win over my beloved Aggie's of Texas A&M 18-14. Way to go Shermenator, way to represent for the Aggie's, and way to go Steven McGee, I've been telling people all off season you were a good passing QB, now I look like (more of) an Ass.

And East Carolina out Beamering Frank Beamer as they blocked a late punt for a TD in their 27 to 22 win over No. 17 Virginia Tech. Va Tech is always overrated, and I'm glad they got knocked down early. Also ECU has West Virginia this weekend, ewwwwEEEEEwwooooo!!!

And in closing, as I will try and do every week, until the pain is too much to bear, my alma mater lost it's opening game 45-6 to K-state. Now I know North Texas isn't the best team, and we are far from our lovely days as Sunbelt powerhouses, but come on Todd Dodge, 100 yards passing for a poor 3.4 yards per catch? We are better than that right? And hello Lynch, as i know your the only one reading this far down because it talks about North Texas Football.

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gerry dorsey said...

hey gerry's house was just as surprised as anyone. i'm a perpetual skeptic who didn't believe bama was going to win until that final field goal.

however, wherever they land in the polls, they should at least hang around there for 4 weeks until they play @ uga.