Monday, September 22, 2008

College Football Roundup - Week 4, now more local!

Hey Lady, Hey Lady, Hey Lady, Drop it!

So, that was a fun week no? Nothing really brings out good football like SEC play. 4 SEC teams finish in the top 10, not be out done though by the Big 12, as they have 4 as well, and they start their conference games in two weeks.

We are gong to start seeing more and more meaningful games in the coming weeks, as most teams are done playing their cupcakes. Hell even Texas Tech plays K-State this weekend!

We saw one of the better stories of the early part of season, East Carolina, go down. Thank kinda sucks. But Vandy's ranked!

I'm done rambling, so here's the list.

As always its my top ten, in two tiers, with the most impressive being at the top, and the least at the bottom, and then I give you 5 teams to think about, all done in wrestling terminology.

Main Eventers

No. 1. USC (idel) Looking at their schedule, they should be in the National Championship game. They have Oregon, Arizona St, Cal and even Notre Dame at home this year. Only scary game might be against UCLA at the end of the year, as its a road one. But rest assured, they will fuck up somewhere, they always do.

No. 4 Florida (win 30-6, Tennessee) - We had the first jump pass of the season, which is such a cool play, i hope Tebow brings it to the NFL. Despite rocking only 243 yards of total offense, the gators are nice. Real nice. Even had a punt return for a TD. LSU in three weeks. Can't wait.

No. 2. Oklahoma (idle) - They have a game against bcs buster hope full TCU this sat. I don't expect them to have any trouble.

No. 3 Georgia (win 27-10, Arizona State) - a nice quality win in prime time vs. a good, but not great Arizona State team. The Heisman hopeful, Knowshawn Moreno, put in some good work, going off for 149 on 23 carries and 2 TD's. Hellava game vs. Alabama this week.
(note, all four of the above teams could be put in any order 1-4 and i wouldn't have a problem with it)

No. 5 Missouri (win 42-21, Buffalo) - another ho-hum day for Chase Daniel, 36 of 43, 439, and 2 TD's. Another nice showdown @ Nebraska this week. A win there will put the Tigers in the same class as the four teams above them.


No. 6 LSU (win 26-21, No. 10 Auburn) - A back and forth game where Aurbun's spread attack finally out produced its run game, 250-70. The thing is, if you would have have told me LSU would hold Auburn to 70 rushing yards, I would have bet the house on a LSU blowout. Credit is due to Auburn for staying with these guys. LSU themselves really didn't look as impressive as i thought hey might, but like I said last week, that RB Scott can play, 21 carries, 132 yards.

No. 9 Alabama (win 49-14, Arkansas) - Holy crap that was a whoppin. When your O-Line can dominate like that and allow you to run for 328 yards as a team, including opening up the holes for Glen Coffee to go 10 rushes for 162 yards, your doing well. I refuse to talk about their QB, as I have no respect for a man who insists on using two first names. I've only met a few John David's, or Billy Bob's, but they are all douches. Is it fair? No. But i don't care. 2 first names = douche.

No. 7 Texas (win 52-10, Rice) - Only watched parts of this game as I was distracted by the new graphics of FSW. Odd to anyone else that Colt McCoy is the all time TD leader in Longhorn history after that game? No Chris Simms, no Major, its Colt. The Texas D, which has been suspect for a few years, did an OK job in this game. Looking forward to seeing what they can do the Razorbacks, so i can get a feel as how good this team compared to Alabama.

No. 12 South Florida (win 17-9, Florida International) - There was a drop off from 4-5 in the Main Eventers, but there might even be a bigger drop off here. All the above team, should things go right for them, I can legitimacy see winning a National Championship. These last few team? Not so much, but I guess South Florida is the best of the next tier of teams, even with this not impressive win over a Sunbelt Squad.

No. 11 Texas Tech (win 56-14, Massachusetts) - Don't get too excited tech fans, I think Uless Trinity could hold UMass to 14. BUT the next 3 are K-State, Neb, and Texas A&M, all games they should win. IF they win all those games, and are 7-0 during the middle of October, they will be a top 5 team, because someone has to lose when Bama plays Georgia, Texas play OU, and when LSU plays Florida. That's three teams in front of them with losses. Chilling thought.

Developmental Guys. (guys to keep your eyes on, not necessarily the next 5 best teams.)

BCS Buster Time! - Here are the top couple non BCS teams that could make a splash at the end of the year.

No. 14 Brigham Young (win 44-0, Wyoming) - BYU averaged 4.8 yards per rush, and 5.4 yards per pass. Nice.

No. 20 Utah (win 30-23, Air Force) - Game shouldn't have been as close as it was. The Utes out gained the service academy 440-191 in total yards.

Boise State (win 37-32, No. 17 Oregon) - The win over Oregon gives this team some legitimacy. Might want to play some Defense though.

TCU (win 48-7, Southern Methodist) - Both Boise and TCU are now ranked this morning, and TCU, who has been the bcs buster's darling in previous seasons, till they blow it vs UNLV or some other silly school, just blew away June Jones and the Ponies. I find it funny that your mascot can be the Mustang, and you run for -8 yards for the whole game. But to be fair, you might want to run the ball more than 12 times. But that's June Jones, and he'll work out well for the Ponys in the end.

Those are the BCS buster teams as of right now, and I'm thinking these teams are all pretty good, so one of them should make it unscathed right?

No. 16 Penn State (win 45-3, Temple) - Last team I wanted to talk about. They put up 546 yards of total offense, including over 300 rushing. I know its just Temple, but when you score 31 points in a quarter(!), that's pretty damn impressive. Now I know they haven't really played anybody yet, but haven't just put directional D2 school on their docket either, look at the points scored in the first 4 games from PSU, 66, 45, 55, 45. That's nice. Of course they play the Illini this weekend, and since they are in my "watch out" section, they will lose. Look at ASU, Oregon, and Kansas. All were featured, all have since lost.

The Big Ups to All my Haters award for upset of the week goes to No. 18 Wake Forest beating No. 24 Florida State 12-3. But Big, Wake Forest was ranked ahead of Florida State, that's not an upset. Just stop. All week long I heard from college football people saying "wake can't hang with the big boys, yea they are undefeated, but its a hollow undefeated. They will lose to FSU." There you go Wake, go tell all your critics to shove a pound of weed up their ass. Don't care how you win, just win. That should be Wake's mantra.

We already talked about TCU-SMU so I'll just move on to my beloved Mean Green. We didn't lose this week! True we were on bye, but fuck it, its a small victory, and I'm talking it!

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Brown said...

No, it's not a surprise. He's been the only starter since he was a true freshman, and unlike Major or Simms (Mock barely played and Young never passed) Greg Davis hasn't been in total control of play calling.

Therefore, instead of "run-run-pass-punt", the installation of Major as a play caller has included more passing options.

Yes, I'm alive, and I hope to post some stuff later.