Monday, September 29, 2008

College football round up - Week 5 - WTF

Bamma is Rolling, get it!

If college football kicks ass, and upsets kick ass, that's a lot of kick ass shit! This is the kind of weekend that you dream about if your an also ran in a conference, and the kind of weekend that keeps you up nights if your a top tier program. I simply can't believe what went down during this 3 day swing.

Teams in the top 25 that went down this weekend.

1. USC
3. Georgia
4. Florida
9. Wisconsin
16. Wake Forest
20. Clemson
22. Illinois
23. East Carolina
24. TCU

That's 9 teams, 4 in the top 10, that will be moving down in the polls. Holy Crap.

Brown said it best when he started asked questions about Pete Carrol and his ability to always fuck up a game or two a year when his team should destroy them, but he had it wrong with comparing him to Jim Tressel. Pete Carrol is the anti Jim Tressel. If its a big game, wither it be a bowl game, a national championship game, or a game against a big rival, Carroll has his team ready to play, they almost always win. Their only real loss that I can think of is in that type of situation is when they lost to Texas in BCS game, but it wasn't because of lack of effort or focus, it was because of one Vince Young, and his ability to take over that game.

Tressel always beats the teams he's supposed to, and that included beating Mich over the past 3 years. He should beat everybody in the Big Ten, especially at home, his team is that much better. What he doesn't do is go out and play teams that are on, or above his talent level well. The BCS games, the Vince Young Texas game (i know they won the next year, but again that's a game they should have won, they were better than freshmen colt mccoy texas), USC this year. He can't win those games.

Give me Carroll and his team losing focus when faced with Beavers(giggle), than going undefeated and getting trounced by some SEC team in the big game like Tressell.

(as an aside, don't read this as Tressell is the only reason OSU is losing big games. Most of the time from top to bottom when OSU plays one of the big boys, the other team has a better roster, but a good coach should be able to over come that at least 50% of the time.)

On to the Rankings. As per usual, this is my top ten teams, in two tiers, from most impressive, to least, and 5 teams to watch out for, named for if they were WWE superstars.

Main Eventers

No. 2 Oklahoma (win 35-10, No. 24 TCU) - What might be a surprise, Oklahoma gets the number one nod over Alabama due to the fact i think Oklahoma's win over TCU is only slightly less impressive than Alabama's win over Georgia. TCU has one hell of defense, and when a team can put up 436 yards of total offense on them, its impressive. WR Manuel Johnson had 5 catches for 206 yards, and to be a contender for the BCS you have to have people that can make plays, and I think averaging 41.2 yards per catch can be considered big play worthy.

No. 8 Alabama (win 41-30, No. 3 Georgia) - Most impressive part of Alabama's win Saturday night was holding Knowshawn Moreno to only 34 yards on 9 carries. In the SEC, if you can stop people from running the ball, you can win games. John Wilson (i can't call him john parker due to douche bag rules) did what he needed to do, which is not fuck up, by going 13-16 for 205, and no INT's. I still don't know if Bama will roll unscathed through the SEC, but this win makes them the team to beat from that hellashish conference.

No. 6. Missouri (idle) - What a nice week to have the week off, huh? Next 4 will be brutal, @ Nebraska, newly ranked Oklahoma State, @ Texas, and home to a good Colorado team. Time to see what they are made of.

No. 5 LSU (win 34-24, Mississippi State) - Most underrated RB in the SEC could be Charlls Scott. He's not getting alot of national love, but the replacement for Jacob Hester had another big day on the ground for the Tigers, 27 carries, 141 yards, 2 td's. You couple him with a secondary that held Mississippi State to only 175 yards passing, your doing pretty well.

No. 7 Texas (win 52-10, Arkansas) - I really wanted to use this game to see how good Texas was as compared to Alabama, because Alabama beat this Arkansas team 49-14 last week. Bama did it with 2 def TD's and running the ball like crazy, and Texas did pretty much the same thing. When you can hold a team to 2-13 on third downs, your winning most games by 30. Colt McCoy was responsible for 5 TD's, 3 through the air, 2 by ground. The only thing that worries me about this Texas team is whether or not one of the crew of RB's can Carrie the load when needed.

Mid Card Guys

No. 12 Penn State (win 38-24, No. 22 Illinois) - I told myself I wouldn't put a Big Ten team in the top 10 again until they proved something, but i really like what Penn State is doing these days. They have a dual threat QB Dayrll Clark, and a running game that put up 241 yards against a decent Illinois teams.

No. 13 South Florida (win 41-10, North Carolina State) - Brown likes to kid with the Vanderbilt vs. Northwestern BCS championship game, but he might not be that far off. How does Penn State vs South Florida sound? Penn is @ Purdue, @ Wisc, home Mich, @ Ohio State. not an easy schedule, but if they get through it, it will be hard for pollsters to keep them out of the top 3. Then there's South Florida, who should cruz till their last 2 games which are home vs. UConn(ranked!?!), and @ West Virginia. I know its not going to happen, but it could, and that would suck.

No. 10. Texas Tech (idle) - I told you last week this could be a top 5 team before they play anybody that matters.

No. 11. Brigham Young (idle) - Next big game that they could lose, 3 weeks, @ TCU.

No. 4 Florida (loss 31-30 Mississippi) - First the first time this year, a one loss team is in my top ten. Florida's loss to Mississippi is shocking, but if they go undefeated the rest of the year, they have the best shot to make it to the BCS title game. What was the main problem with the Gators on Saturday? 1-11 on third downs. That blows.

Developmental Guys. (guys to keep your eyes on, not necessarily the next 5 best teams.)

No. 17 Utah (win 37-21, Weber State) - Two late Weber TD's made this one look a lot closer than it was. Utah used a nice balanced attack with 450 total offense. BCS buster fo sho.

Oklahoma State (win 55-24, Troy) - OSU has quietly been putting points up on the board, and notches in the win column. Troy is no slouch and OSU handed them their asses with 612 total yards on offense, and controlling the ball for over 41 min. In two weeks they play Missou, and we will see what kind of team they are.

Notre Dame (win 38-31, Purdue) - I know some of you are thinking I’ve gone off the deep end, but this Notre Dame team isn't bad. Jimmy Clausen has been progressing, and they may have found their running back in Armando Allen Jr, as he broke out for 134 yards.

Northwestern (win 22-17, Iowa) - Hell if brown has them in the BCS game, I might as well talk a little bit about them. They have 5 wins, but none of them overly impressive. The offense averages 363 ypg, and 25 ppg. They are a nice little team that will enjoy the bowl, or something of that level.

Connecticut (win 26-21, Louisville) - 5-0 is good. Doesn’t really matter how you get there, but 5-0 is good. How are they doing it? Let me introduce you to Donald Brown. Mr. Brown has had over 145 yards rushing per game in the last 5 games. That over 900 yards he's gotten so far, and that's not even half way done with the year! UConn isn't world beaters, they are a nice little team, with a very nice RB.

I can't give one team the Big Ups to all my Haters upset, so i'll just let it slide this week.

One last thought, Does anyone have a problem with letting the winners of the Big 12, and SEC championship games just play each other for the title this year? It may be a 2 or 3 loss team, but who ever comes out on top of those conferences have some real moxy.

UNT lost. Bad. it was 52-20 at halftime. I watched most of the first half, and it was ugly. Never thought i would say these words, but is Dodge really any better than Dickey?

SMU lost too.


gerry dorsey said...

i agree with you whole heartedly about the sec/big 12 national title game. the rest of the conferences are just farting around.

as for bama, i'm not stupid enough to think they'll go undefeated, but with the exception of a trip to baton rouge, they will probably be favored in every game the rest of the way. of course tell that to the 4 teams in the top 10 who lost on saturday.

i know sure will be fun finding out what happens.

Carl Badlander said...

Hey back off that Dodge talk. Everybody knows you need 14 years to really incorporate your players!!!

Big said...

so we should expect the huskers to be good by 2020 or so?

j-bizzle said...

Didn't the huskers just lose at home to Virginia Tech?.....Virginia Tech!! Come on, I'm a Hoakies fan (dad went there) and even I think that that's pretty awful.

Dodge has brought UNT back to the glory years of the late 90s when the Mean Green (Eagles) were consistently a 2 win team. They're kind of like the Rangers in the sense that you never get your hopes up...ever...that they're going to have a winning season and make it to a bowl game. They did beat the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes, however....a team, as brown pointed out, who is from a landlocked state whose team name makes no sense. The Golden Hurricane? Is that like a golden shower mixed with a strawberry donut or something?

Big 12 v. SEC title game is what's going to happen and I'm all for that Big 12 win, unless the Big 12 team is OU, then fuck 'em, go SEC!