Friday, September 26, 2008

The big german Speaks, and it dosn't involve gary trents dad.

Germans, yup we got a 5 headed penis.

So our favorite German Dallas Maverick spoke to Jeff Caplin at the Star Telegram. Here are some excerpts. Including him talking of retiring from the NBA in 3 years.

About retiring in Dallas.

" I always was kind of the young talent and now I’ve crossed that line. We’ll just have to see how these next couple of years go. I would love to finish my career, obviously, in Dallas. I’ve always said that. Hopefully we can win the championship here in these three years and everything will be great. If not, I think we all have to keep our eyes and ears open to what’s going on."

When to hang it up.

"I think the worst thing that athletes can do is play too long and at the end look slow and don’t look right and they lose some of their reputation. "

"Obviously, as you get older you start thinking about
other things, too ... stuff like family comes up over the years and we’ll see what happens there."

Playing in German when he's done here.

"There’s one big club in Germany, in Berlin, called ALBA Berlin, and they’ve been asking me every year. Actually, the owner’s dream is to have me in their uniform once before I retire, and I’m sure he’s going to do everything he can to make that happen before my career is over. And really, on that subject, too, I leave everything open. ... "

Josh Howard

" But knowing him for that long, he’s a good guy. People are trying to make him a bad guy now. I can for sure say that he’s fun to be around, he’s a good kid, he cares; just sometimes he needs to learn to control himself and just keep some stuff to himself and he’ll be all right. "

Pretty standard stuff. Its not a stretch to think that Dirk would want to go play his last few years of good basketball in his home country. If he did that, I think it would make me like the guy more.

Ohh and on the Josh Howard quote, am i the only guy who immediately thought "that's cuz he brings the weed?" Might just be me.

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