Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update on that whole subjectivity thing...

So, based on the commentary, a few of you actually decided to read something on this site...for those that didn't, I put up a post regarding subjectivity in the Olympics games.

Well, I was trolling the interwebs and came across the great Yahoo! Olympic blog, Fourth Place Medal

See, Chris Chase is doing a study on how the objective versus the subjective events are turning out, and he's calling it "the Real Medal Count". Essentially, he's removed from the medal totals the events that are completely based on judges scores to determine a winner. Those events are :
  • Diving
  • Equestrian
  • Gymnastics
  • Judo
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Taekwondo
  • Trampoline (an event being chastised on our comment boards)
  • Wrestling
Anyway, Chase has provided a very intriguing count of medals...

First, the current medal count:


China 46 15 22 83
United States
29 34 32 95

Now, the "real" medal count:


United States
25 26 25 76
China 23 12 13 48

Hey, the proof's in the pudding, and as my blogging buddy, Big, might say, "god damned, mongolians!"

Awesome job by Chris over at Yahoo!.


gerry dorsey said... went "mongolians" on them.

seriously though, i was thinking last night that china is absolutely crushing everyone in gymnastics and diving, and from what i've seen, there has been questionable scoring in both. i hadn't considered that they are racking up in subjective events.

we keep score in america god dammit!!!

j-bizzle said...

Don't forget about the new investigation by the IOC into China's gymastics team and their ages. If they're found to have used underaged olympians, USA gymnastics could be awarded the group gold and everybody's favorite North Texan, Nastia Liukin, could get another individual gold for the uneven bars.

De-fault, de-fault....the best two words in the English language!

Also, you're telling me that trampolining gets to stay, but softball might be falling by the wayside? My favorite part is that the apparent reason for dropping softball from the olympic program is because nobody has challenged the American team! What - the - fuck?! So it's getting dropped because every other country is a sore loser? Basketball didn't dropped when the Dream Teams (<-- plural) were murdering everybody. And besides, who would you rather see on your TV? Jenny Finch pitching or Ming Ling Ding doing a Creme-uf-sum-yun-gai with a full twist on the trampoline she pulled out of her backyard? Give me a break.

If you ask me, they threw the gold medal game against Japan to have an argument for keeping softball in the games.

Anonymous said...

Why can't you people accept that the US lost to a better person or country?

Is it so hard to believe that maybe the US isn't the dominant sports nation??

You guys just seem like a bunch of sore losers!

gerry dorsey said...

anonymous = communist

Anonymous said...

Sure, I'm a communist because I don't have a blogspot account and because I realize the US isn't the only country in the world.

Real mature.

gerry dorsey said...

bro are you sure you came to the right blog?? this blog is all about lighthearted--albeit often offensive, and almost always immature--humor. fine you're not a communist, but you most definitely lack a sense of humor. please feel free to come back to the big and the brown next week when you will no doubt be disappointed again.

ps-you don't HAVE to have a google account to enter a name...just sayin'.

steve said...

yeah, i came to the right blog, and i had no idea that "steve" was so much more revealing than "anonymous", like "j-bizzle" is so revealing.

normally i laugh at the stuff these guys put up, but i saw nothing funny about this post, just a lot of whining and complaining that the US isn't winning as many golds as China.

put more pictures up of pandas shooting rainbows and quit trying to be serious sports guys.

Big said...

I like steve's idea of more panda shooting rainbow pics.

gerry dorsey said...

steve = 1
gerry = 0
tb&tb = 11.25
(degree of difficulty was 5.0, and you were deducted 3.75 for not funny...of course that's subjective)

Big said...

i also like gerry's idea of more hookers doing their little behind dance, wait.....what?

Brown said...

i thought "god damned, mongolians" was pretty fucking funny, and make no mistake about it, we're always immature, not almost always.

steve said...

forget i brought anything up at all. god forbid someone question the funniest people on the planet or the commenters who are on their knees for them.

just keep complaining that the US is getting cheated out of medals and i'll laugh at you guys and your ignorance

Brown said...

aww, come on, steve. come back, baby. i promise you it'll never happen again. you know how daddy gets after he's had a few drinks. i didn't mean to hit you, baby, you just make me so angry sometimes. we'll go to counseling and make it all better. that's right i fucked her, but i make love to you!!

seriously, dude, i invite you to write up a guest post on your mongolian china love in the olympics or even an entire post ripping us a new one.

you know the email, we'll keep our eyes peeled.

gerry dorsey said... gotta relax baby...its the weekend. let me buy you an internet beer. what's your drink?? and for the record, i get on my knees for no man...except usain bolt of subjectivity there.

ps-i could have told you i was ignorant 14 comments ago.

j-bizzle said...

Alright, clearly I need to catch up.

Steve (if that is your real name), buddy, do you need a towel...because your man-gina is dripping all over the floor.

Brown's point was simply the fact that it seems a bit odd that China is winning the majority of events that involve judging, and not the events where either you win or lose. Come on, you don't think it's a little weird that when you take all of the subjective sports out of the picture China's gold medal count gets cut in half, and the USA count only gets cut by four?

And the fact that China's gymnastics team's average age might be 6 1/2 is being made a big deal all over the place and not just here at TB&TB.

#3 I don't care that China won trampolining. I care that trampolining is even an event!

D) I'm sure that the softball team didn't "throw the game" against Japan. I was simply saying that for conspiracy's sake as a joke.

Fifthly, I enjoy eating pink clams, hairy tacos (sans the hair, of course) and what's that shit we used to get all the time back in day?....oh yeah, pussy.

Clearly you missed the point of this blog. This isn't FoxNews where everything is "fair and balanced". The truth is whatever Big & Brown want it to be. Wait a minute....maybe this is FoxNews! Brown, is your real name Jon Scott?!

Bear said...

I hear someones gina was bleeding... I'm attracted, wait... What? Rawr!