Thursday, August 21, 2008

Think Charles Barkley is an ass hole?

Hat tip: Awful Announcing

Have we got a show for you.

The crown prince of pudge is going to undergo a live colonoscopy on television during a "Stand Up for Cancer" special being simulcast on a few channels.
"Sir Charles, 45, says he was surprised that the show approached him, but was happy to participate in promoting awareness for colonoscopies, which screen for prostate and other cancers.

Barkley said that when he told his friend Fred Lavner, of NB2 Apparel, about being asked to undergo the procedure on television, Lavner replied they were "probably just looking for the celebrity with the biggest ass.""
Celebrity with the biggest ass? Ok, I guess that makes sense.

Here's what I don't understand about the whole cancer screening process...why do men have to go through gay tests?

We get our balls rubbed and asses violated. Really? All the technology in the world, and we're still relegated to a rubber glove with some KY?

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