Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I wonder if they used Nolan Ryan's lean beef

So, the Rangers send a message that they're calling it quits this season by trading "Everyday Eddie" Guardado for a hamburger.

Well, maybe Ron Washington was hungry or John Daniels had the munchies. Did they offer to gladly pay for the hamburger Tuesday? (That's a fucking Popeye joke, I spit hot fire!)

Honestly, guys, a hamburger?

I thought that Coors Light commercial was a joke where that guy on the Detroit Lions gets a Lions tattoo and ends up getting traded for a case of Coors? That shit was funny. I never thought it would actually happen.

We traded the only effective bullpen guy and the Rangers current closer for a tasty, grilled entree?

I can't belie---

What's that?

Mark Hamburger, you say?

A 21 year old prospect from Minnesota, huh?

Well, color me embarrassed.

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