Monday, August 18, 2008

Brown goes to the House of Blues to watch...TNA Wrestling?

That's right, you read that title correctly. TNA Wrestling was in town this weekend and put on a little show at the House of Blues. So, El Blogador and I went to check out the scene.

Here's a few notes:
  • Booker T rode to the event in a very elaborate RV and parked it in between the House of Blues and Hooters.
  • Blogador and I ate at the Hooters and had a window staring at Booker T's RV, our main form of enjoyment of was a fat kid in a Kix (the band, not the cereal) t-shirt and a binder waiting for autographs. Blogador and I make a pact stating that if either of us stooped that low, the other would put a bullet in said person's head.
  • Lots of kids at TNA Wrestling meaning, lots of beaten down parents.
  • Jeremy Borash might be the gayest man on the planet
  • Petey Williams's finisher, "the Canadian Destroyer", looks as cool live as it does on television
  • Fans of TNA Wrestling apparently have no sense of humor because Blogador and I tried all night to get chants going to make wrestler's laugh. Nothing caught on, but the old black man across the aisle from us couldn't stop laughing.
  • Blogador and I can get pretty racist without thinking about what we're saying. We both played the "hey, we're minorities too" card and got off scot-free. Take that, whitey!
  • Curry Man's dancing is quite infectious. Even we were dancing like jack asses.
  • I decided, after a few beers, it was the appropriate time to hit on MILFs. Turns out the MILF I chose happened to be the PRESIDENT OF TNA WRESTLING. That's right, of all the people in the building I hit on, it happened to be the president of the promotion.
  • Biggest laugh from our section: when Awesome Kong came out and Blogador screamed "That's a huge bitch!" at a particularly quiet moment.
  • TNA Knockout champion, Taylor Wilde = Nastia Liukin with a boob job...right down to the five-head.
  • Jay Lethal's Macho Man gimmick is more nostalgic in person then it is on television.
  • LAX (Latin American eXchange) got the biggest pop of the night. I started a "De-mo-graphics" one got the joke.
  • If you saw Samoa Joe at the gym, you might think he just got a membership and it's his first time there and not that this guy is the World Heavyweight Champion. Go figure.
So, TNA Wrestling comes on Thursday nights on Spike TV at 8. Check it out, you might recognize some of the older guys that are still wrestling on there.

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