Friday, August 1, 2008

Big's Pre Preseaon Preview - NFC

I was thinking about how to "preview" the NFL, i really didn't know how to go about it. I started writing a team by team bit, but my brain was so scattered with thoughts that i didn't make it trough one div, and it was already 4 pages. So that was out. So i thought, lets go game by game and just pick winners, not looking at what their overall record at the time would be, just picking winners game by game, and then tally them all at the end of the year and see where it lead me. So that's what I did. Here is the NFC, and what went down. Its not perfect, but it was fun, and really showed what I thought of certain teams without looking at the big picture. I truly don't think this is what will happen, but its a good starting point. The AFC can be found here


NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 12-4
Philadelphia Eagles 9-7
New York Giants 8-8
Washington Redskins 7-9

NFC North

Minnesota Vikings 10-6
Green Bay Packers 8-8
Detroit Lions 4-12
Chicago Bears 3-13

NFC South

New Orleans Saints 13-3
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9-7
Carolina Panthers 9-7
Atlanta Falcons 4-12

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals 8-8
San Francisco 49ers 7-9
St. Louis Rams 5-11
Seattle Seahawks 5-11

Thoughts: No surprise the East is the best division in the NFC, all four of those teams could end up in any order after Dallas.

I like the Rams better than the record shows. Bulger is coming back and S. Jax will be healthy again. Yet I still only have them winning 5 games. I don’t think San Fran is as good as their 7-9 record, but they do play in an easy div.

Speaking of the West, I truly think this year will be the letdown year for the Seahawks. I don’t think Hassellebeck is very good anymore, and they have no running game to speak of. (Juels Jones, Really?)

Team that has the best chance of failing:

Tampa Bay. While I see them having a nice year with 9 wins, they could easily drop off and win like 3. QB is older than dirt, Running game revolves around a broke down Caddy, and Warrick Dunn, Joey Galloway is their best WR at 36 years of age. Yea, I think they might be in for a let down.

Team that can surprise some people:

Other than Minnesota, I think the “bad team” that could be good this year is St. Louis. Like I said above, they could pull off as many as 10 wins if they stay healthy and the D steps ups a bit.

Thing I want to see happen:

After starting the season 1-5, coach of the Seahawks, Mike Holmgrem turns the reigns of the team over to Senneca Wallace. When asked why he replies “Why the fuck do I care? If you don’t think I’m going to be in Hawaii this time next year, sipping mai tai’s that were brought to me by a samon named Fatu, you have got be kidding yourself.”

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