Friday, August 29, 2008

America, Fuck Yea, with an interesting tidbit

So one of our readers/cementers, Bizzle, has sent us an email, and wanted to share something with the world. Here is his words.


So I have a 3rd(?) cousin who is basically a bad ass at every thing he does. Among those is being the first Iowan to climb Mt. Everest. Long story short he's attempting to swim the English Channel sometime this week which would make him the first American to have completed what's called the "Peak and Pond" (climbing Everest and swimming the Channel). I know this isn't along the usual TB&TB agenda, but it'd be cool if you posted it. I wouldn't have sent this except for the whole being "the first American to do it" thing.

Here's a link


There you go buddy, Go America


gerry dorsey said...

let's see a chinaman do that, communist steve!!

j-bizzle said...

i just got an email update on the swim.

"Charlie made it 15 [out of 21] miles before hypothermia set in to a point of danger and his dad and his physician...and the boat's very experienced captain thought it wisest to pull him out."

Don't think for a minute that this is going to stop Charlie from completing his dream. There was some other American in the water today, also (a number of people attempted the swim today). No word on whether or not he made it.

i started feeling disappointed that he didn't make it, but then i remembered that my gut starts to burn after only doing 20 sit-ups...maybe next time!