Thursday, July 17, 2008

Come on, you know you want to.

The mav's have finally made some noise in the off season. They have offered the sad Sack Kings Stack, and Bass for Ron-Ron.

The info that I've found has said the Kings want more, specifically Josh Howard and Bass.

Now if the first one of just Stack and Bass for Ron Artest, I would do that one in a moment. Give me the starting lineup of Kidd, Artest, Howard, Dirk, and Damp, with JET and Diop coming off the bench? Fuck and Yes.

Now if they have to have Howard for Artest, the lineup of Kidd, Artest, Dirk, Damp and who? JET? Jones? George? not quite as scary.

I would probably still do it, and see if I can get a first round pick left as well, that might make me go all in.

Break Down, Artest - Bass, Stack - Yes

Artest - Bass, Howard - No

Artest+number 1 - Bass, Howard, Stack - Reluctant, but yes.

I am not scared to let you all know i'm a Ron Ron guy. I think him pluss kidd and dirk are a pretty good 3 some. Come on Mav's........DO IT.........

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