Tuesday, May 6, 2008

So a "friend" of mine has to bet on everything....

And that same "friend" has been itching for something big to throw some cash at since the draft went down.

Then "he" found this, odd for the NBA draft lottery.

"He" couldn't be more excited. "He" is getting +385 on the T Wolves.

Some people call it a problem, I call in fun. To watch of course.

Things "He" once bet on

-whether or not the next girl to walk in the bar was blond or brunette
- whether it was going to rain in Spain today
- whether or not he could jump form his coffee table to the bar.
- what beer commercials would play next during the Super Bowl.
- what would the Bear go after first, a salmon or a pot of honey if both were thrown into a river at the same time.

Needless to say, "he" won almost all those bets.

I bet i could whoop Turks ass at steak too...

I mean "he"


Carl Badlander said...

You forgot about the time he bet someone that he could swim across the rio grande, pose as an american, go to school, graduate, then get a job selling apartments.

KkmmmkK said...