Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Please, not another Barbaro

This Eight Belles thing is getting a bit out of hand.

We get it, PETA hates humans.


However, just because a horse that is trained to do nothing but run broke its ankles I don't think that the sports world needs to focus on doing a steroid test on a horse autopsy. It's really not that important.

I understand that for the next few weeks, everyone pretends they give a rat's ass about horse racing because of the Triple Crown. You can be damn sure that this blog will be interested because our boy is the leader in the club house.

That being said, our buddy said it pretty perfectly last night:

"Who fucking cares? It's a running bottle of glue."

Personally, I'd like to think our boy, Big Brown, was in some way a descendant of the horse that Gus used to protect himself from the Native Americans that were chasing him.


Big said...

I can fly gringo.

sherpa's nightmares said...

I think it was a decendant of the grey horse down south of the Rio Grande that would take trips north almost every night. It could smell pinche gringos and diablo tejanos; thus avoiding them and never getting it's owner caught in his life of stealing Mexican cattle and horses back to where they belong.

Carl Badlander said...

hey brown...you know why that horse didn't win don't you?