Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Just so we're all clear on this


Barry raised up into Fisher to attempt to shoot through him. It wasn't a flop. It was a chuck from 30 feet and he was getting crowded.

There is no Joey Crawford conspiracy. The Spurs had too many chances to take the lead in this game. Don't blame the refs because Manu couldn't shoot his way out of a paper bag. And before you say it, yeah I was the first one to complain about Dwyane Wade in 2006. That was justified, ask anyone outside of Miami.

Now that I've said it, come with it Bizzle and Uni. Defend your team the only way you can and know how:
-The refs were cheating, and David Stern wants a Lakers-Celts final.
-Look at all the rings we won in the past, that makes us a good team today.
-Asian women's vaginae are horizontal, that makes the Spurs relevant.
-We don't flop, it's natural for South Americans and Europeans to fly 20 feet when they get grazed on the elbow.
-You're just jealous, you're a Mavs fan. (That's probably true, but you can still kiss my ass.)

Final note...there's something very odd about seeing a hobo on the 281 on ramp asking for money yet he's sporting a fresh new Tony Parker jersey. If San Antonio has the money to dress their hobos for game day...wow.


gerry dorsey said...

it may not have been a foul, but it COULD have been. he should have undercut fisher more and he would have gotten the call.

to be honest i hate both of these teams very, very, much. go east!!

j-bizzle said...

if barry had followed through with the dribble he'd started, he'd have gotten the call. but being as how that was most likely the first time brent barry has ever had the ball for the last shot of any game, his brain was telling him to shoot. all i know is that nobody in san antonio likes derek fisher for that and the shot from a few years ago that won another road game for the lakers.

but, according to HREF="http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/playoffs2008/news/story?id=3416412">this article, a league spokesman said things should have gone otherwise.

i'm not sayin'...i'm just sayin'

j-bizzle said...

godammit i suck at HTML

fucking hyperlinks