Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just ooozzzing Spurs....

The Lakers are better than the spurs. While I still think the Hornets are better than the Spurs, the Spurs used their mojo to get in the heads of the Hornets and crush them like an old boxer beats a younger, more talented boxer with his head, or Migs with Jodey Foster, that shit might work on a rookie, but not that southern piece of ass. The Spurs can't do this to the Lakers. This is from a San An paper about the last shot last night.

"If Brent Barry had sold it, he would have forced Crawford to make the call. If
Barry had done a Ginobili, flailing his arms, coming up through Fisher, then
Barry would have shot three free throws. A career 82 percent shooter, he likely
would have made them. Having already scored a season-high 23 points, he would
have become Sean Elliott in 1999, Steve Kerr in 2003 and Horry in 2005. The
unexpected hero of a postseason. But Barry says he didn't see Fisher, and he
released his desperation shot only after Fisher had fallen to the side. No one
blamed Barry. As Popovich said, 'We wouldn't have had a chance to win if it
wasn't for Brent tonight.' Popovich and Barry didn't blame Crawford, either.
Both said it was the proper no-call."

So the saving grace for the Spurs was going to be Brent Barry? Really? Unless Manu and Parker play out of there freaking minds tomorrow night, the Lake show will take this one home in 5.

(I'm just happy I don't have to see a Spurs - Detroit finials. That would bring the gun barrel to my head.)

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