Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been here before...

First, the Wii allows me to play all the old Nintendo games from my past.

Then, Nolan Ryan comes back to the Rangers albeit as President, but he is back none the less.

Then, I discover hair in new places. It's not really the discovery of new hair or new places, it's a shift to gray hair.

Then, I see Sting doing an interview about how he used to wrestle with a fella named Jim Helliwig as "the Blade Runners".

Then I see this:

RVD is training the Ultimate Warrior for his return to pro wrestling

I'm going to and check if my car has a flux capacitor and no one told me because I tend to drive at least 88 mph a majority of the time.


j-bizzle said...

2 questions

Isn't the U-dub about the same age as Hogan?

Is he still taking roids?

gerry dorsey said...

wiki says uw is 5 or 6 years younger than hogan.

and i'd bet my next paycheck he juicing.