Monday, May 5, 2008

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Hat tip: Awful Announcing

Break out the Lone Star and Keystone, and give your wife that extra special punch in the throat. ESPN is hiring WWE Announcers!! can confirm Coachman has been hired by ESPN as an anchor. There's no word on when Coachman will debut for the cable sports network, but internally, WWE sources believe Coachman will be finishing up shortly, if he isn't done already with the company.

Coachman had been with WWE since December 1999, working as an announcer and on-air heel persona. Prior to his work with WWF/E, Coachman was a sports writer and sports anchor in his native Kansas.
That's right, Coach, Corso and Vitale are going to be on the same network. Can't the hire Joey Styles for Sportscenter highlights?


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