Thursday, May 22, 2008

I don't get spurs fans

Watching the NBA playoffs since the Mav's got knocked out has been one of the more enjoyable things over the past few weeks. It's been a nice change of pace to just be a basketball fan as apposed to a fan of a certain team. The past few years I have been living and dying with the Mav's in their playoff runs. The weeks were long as you had to go to a watching party or a bar 2 or three times a week for the mav's game. If they were winning, you felt good and drank too much because of it, If they lost, you felt like shit and drowned your sowers in the bottom of a bottle. Either way, work the next day, or as my body has gotten older, it take me 2 days to recover from a nice night of drinking, sucked.

Now, I have been able to pick a choose what games I watch, and I feel no need to booze it up to calm my nerves. With that in mind I have a buddy who is a big San Antonio Spurs fan, so if I feel like going out and watching a basketball game, he is always down for it if the Spurs are playing.

When the Mav's got dismantled by NOK, he told me that he could grandfather me in to being a Spurs fan for the rest of the playoffs, he wouldn't care, and just for three months, or so have a team to root for. I shot him down right away, not because I hate the spurs, but because I have no interest getting rapped up in one team other than the few I root for. Too much energy.

Then I started watching more and more Spurs games and sans one or two good games vs the Hornets, I can't even see how ANYBODY can be a fan of that stupid team. I know rings make many a thing tolerable, but this team is just a pain to watch.

Let me explain.

Style of play
-This is something that just keeps getting worse as the years go by. Quite possible the best big man in the last 20 years was "fun" to watch when in his prime, that is if you like 15 foot bank shots and watching a fantastic drop step, but he is past his prime. He is still a fantastic player, but he can't dominate games like he used to. Tony Parker can be explosive and exciting, but of the past 4 or 5 games he hasn't really taken that step to just abuse people like he did a few years ago. Manu, while a fantastic player, just always seems out of control, and then you have the bench of former all stars. Mike Finley, Damon Stoudimire, Brent Barry, Kurt Thomas, Joch Vaughn(ok they aren't all all stars, but you get the point). None of these players gets you all antys in your panty when they are standing at the scorers table.

And then there is that whole "We play great defense and are efficient offense" argument. Last night they scored something like 55 points in the first half, and then 32 in the second. I hate games in the 80's.

-A few years ago the worst part about being a mav's fan was the fact that you knew your team complained WAY to much about fouls. The only thing more aggravating about your team complaining for fouls, is the other team doing it. When every time someone gets a play in the paint, the result is someone looking around with the WTF face and arms up. Its so effing annoying

Media Love
- Now this one is earned, I know, but when ANYBODY talks about a series that the spurs are in you get the phrase "Well, I'm not going to bet against the Spurs till someone beats them." Such great analysis. Don't worry about the fact that the Spurs don't match up at all with Lakers. Or the fact that they couldn't stop Chirs Paul to save their lives. It just because they have done it before. If you want to pick the Spurs, that's fine, but just tell me why, and not "because they are the defending champs," or "they are playoff tested." If the 92 Bulls came back together and wanted to play the Lakers, would you still pick the Bulls? A 47 year old MJ vs Kobe, but the Bulls are playoff tested.

Bruce Bowen
-I know we have made this point before, but as a fan how can you like this guy? He's dirty, he has no offensive game, and his defense is starting to slip. Tell the truth, every time he spots up in the corner for three, you are screaming in your head, DON'T PASS TO BRUCE, DON'T PASS TO BRUCE!!

So there is another Anti-Spurs rant. Sorry San An fans, but its just not a team I can get behind, and this time its not because they are the mav's rival, they just aren't fun to watch.

Here, I'll start the comments for you.

-Kiss the Rings Bitch.


j-bizzle said...

styles of play

so you're not at all impressed by the fact that the spurs (despite losing) held the lakers (who led the playoffs with 112 some odd ppg) to only 89 points?


so you're saying the spurs complain too much, but lamar odom doesn't? last night was actually a good complaint night for them. either they didn't complain very much or i'm just jaded.

media love

i assume you're referring to wilbon on this one. how about: no, they couldn't stop chris paul so they decided to stop everyone else. you notice that peja spent most of his time standing in the corner in game 7?

bruce bowen

i didn't know the nba was a "soft-defense" league. funny how "on your shit" = dirty. people considered john stockton as a dirty defensive guy, also, but everybody loved him because he was the assist king. bowen has spent plenty of time on the phone with stu jackson talking about what he can and cannot do. i can't believe there was no mention of robert horry's hip checks and other "horry-ble" plays. why hasn't he been labeled by anyone other than the phoenix suns?

ring count:
spurs - 4
mavs - 0

Big said...

goign to jump around here a bit, but it was nice to see the defense hold Kobe to 2 points in the first half. That would have been entertaining if he didn't go to 25 in the second. That's not good D.

good point, I forgot about Robert "overrated" horry. He is just as dirty as Bowen. And as for the "up in your shit" reference, Go watch Shane Battie of Houston to see how you can be all up in some shit without being dirty. Bowen cheap shots through picks, he hand check off the ball, and gets away with it all cuz he's a "great defensive player."

As for the media love, I have no problem with people picking the Spurs, but tell me why. Don't give me the "playoff tested," or "defending champs" bullshit.

I knew the rings would get brought up, and that's the ultimate trump card, but as for me, as a fan of basketball, give me a golden state vs denver 3 hour block to enterain me instead of a Spurs Detroit game where i might just fall asleep with 7 min left in the game.

Anonymous said...

ring count:
dallas - 5 super bowl, 1 stanley cup
san antonio - 4 nba, 20 mexican bull fighting

gerry dorsey said...

i agree with every word. i also find that most spurs fans are whiny little tits just like manu and the boys. what can you do?? just be proud to not be one of them.

j-bizzle said...


completely different sports. and how did bull fighting get brought into this? i personally am also a dallas cowboys and stars fan.

i've sat on the dallas stars bench during an intermission of a playoff game.

when i lived in dc as a 10 year-old kid during the cowboys v redskins playoff games, i actually won $20 bucks when i picked dallas over washington at a party my parents took me to.

don't bring that kool-aid to a gym party


as for games/series, i hate blowouts (i.e. 15+ point wins and sweeps). ergo, while i enjoyed my team winning another ring last season, i hated the fact that it was a sweep. why have a series if one team isn't going to win? just give up the trophy.

my point is that last night's game was good because it was close, not because the two teams scored 200+ combined points. i'm not saying offensive games aren't fun, because they are, i'm just saying i don't mind any game as long as the score is close and you have to watch until the very end (or close to it)....swearing at the tv because the last minute takes 15 in real life.

**Kobe is the mvp for a reason, he is supposed to take over games like that. unlike that german guy, who shall remain nameless, who folded last the first round...against an 8 seed (that was a low need ice for your balls?)

side note: are the cowboys really going to try to turn pacman into a receiver?

Big said...

Your right bizzle, that game tuesday between the San Antinio Silver Stars and Phoenix Mercury was a blast to watch the other night, it was back and forth till the end when the SSS won 81-76. Forget the fact that these ladies can't dunk or even shoot a sky hook, and that there were 2 quarter where NEITHER team scored over 20 points, INCLUDING a 12 point quarter, but it close at the end so it made it worth sitting through 2 hours of it. I had so much fun watching the WNBA. (i have never really watched a WNBA game)

KkmmmkK said...
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KkmmmkK said...

LOL very enjoyable...thanks Big for pointing out the obvious things the Spurs fans accept from their bitch ass for your buddy the Spurs fan, don't hold it against him, his pretty-ness impedes his brain from making good decisions

j-bizzle said...

i drive a dodge stratus!

tioga said...

The Pacman at WR is all window dressing to get you into the store. Every year around this time some bored, bald, and possibly gay, Mickey Spagnola; or some other jerk off writer like him, feels moved to post some article about Terrance Newman getting snaps at WR. Jerry Jones and his flavor of the month coach love to get the ball rolling on this; either to put fear into opponents defensive co-ordinators, or to get fans talking about how dangerous we'll be on offense now.
It's all to create a "buzz" and gets people excited about Cowboys football in May. I might be mistaken, but I don't believe Newman has gotten his 10 to 20 snaps on O mentioned every spring; therefore I can't get on board with the new toy, Pacman, getting many if any snaps there either.