Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How did I miss this?

Similar to my laughing at Adrian Peterson, I now turn my attention to laughing at Ryan Perriloux.


Ryan Perriloux is gone from the LSU Tigers.

Why? Failing a drug test.

You know that had to be like the 20th failed drug test for him, he was supposed to be the starting QB for the defending national champs.

Forget all the comparisons to people in the pros, his new benchmark is Quincy "Yak Tongue" Carter.

Why am I laughing?

Ryan Perriloux gave a verbal commitment to Texas in 2005. Texas shut down it's QB recruiting afer that because they had the number one guy in the country. They ended up offering the job to Colt McCoy...Musburger's object of affection.

So, let's get this straight:

-Turned down the chance to take the reigns from Vince Young
-Told the Baton Rouge media he would win multiple national championships and Heisman trophies
-Sat behind Jam Jam Russell
-Sat behind Matt Flynn
-Suspended from the team once. Reinstated.
-Suspended again. Reinstated.
-Got caught up in an FBI investigation on counterfeiting
-Teased LSU fans by winning the SEC Championship when Flynn went down
-Suspended from team AGAIN. Reinstated.
-And now he's gone

Fuck with Texas and shit happens. Either you break your collarbone multiple times while you watch Texas win a national championship and then go on to NFL greatness a la Peterson or you outright get fucked like Perriloux.

What happens when you play sports at my alma mater? College greatness. Marijuana addiction. No NFL success.

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