Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Has The Ticket Jumped the Shark?

First, as a disclaimer, I love The Ticket

Second, Uwe Blog had a similar post and it inspired this while listening to BaD Radio waste time making fun of Sean Bass.

I've been a P1 for a long time now, and I pretty much have the station on at all times, much to female passengers' chagrin. (Then again, they're tied up in the trunk, it's not like they can hear anything...gotta get some by any means necessary)

That being said, I think that the hosts and the station in general, in their own words, "let their shtick get tired"

It's always been about funny bits and being "the common man", but that was usually mixed in with some kind of actual sports discussions.


The Musers are more focused on becoming the Gordon Keith show.

Norm is the other extreme where he's breaking down the Colorado Rockies minor league system to dig up potential prospect trades for Millwood

BaD radio spends too much time either being the Grubes show or catering to a group of forum posters (that's right, a sorry blog writer is calling out even sorrier forum people)

The Hardline has pretty much become "let's hate on everything becuase it's not as good as us" (That only works on this blog, buddy)

Most of you who listen are probably thinking that's the same way it's always been.

That's true, and the only reason it has worked is because there is zero competition. ESPN radio?? Really?

Mike and Mike...morning drive should wake me up not put me to sleep.

Colin Cowherd is the only thing worse than Floyd and Engel, so they went with it.

The Michael Irvin show is terrible. It has such potential given the connections that Irvin has and the guests he can get, but it's just unlistenable.

The Hardline could roll out nothing but fart drops and Danny shitting on music and it's more entertaining than Galloway.

When you've got no competition, there's no pressure to improve your product.

How long until a radio station hits the law of diminishing returns?

I'm not sure...after all, I still listen and will continue to do so.

Big's a radio man in this city, maybe he'll have his thoughts.


gerry dorsey said...

although i agree things have slipped a bit, the ticket is not only better than its crosstown rival, its better than 95% of sports talk stations in the country. have you listened to sports talk in other cities?? its not that different from 103.3.

i say love the ticket for what it is...not for what it is in relation to what it once was.

jerusalem said...

I love the Ticket, too. I think Greggo is SORELY missed!