Thursday, May 15, 2008

Guess who's winning the Preakness on Saturday?

We are, bitches!

That's right, our horsey mascot is the overwhelming favorite at the Preakness on Saturday...the second leg of the Triple Crown.

Here's the odds for you notorious gamblers:
Big Brown: 1-2
Gayego: 8-1
Behindathebar: 10-1
Yankee Bravo: 15-1
Kentucky Bear (Bear's Mascot): 15-1
Macho Again: 20-1
Hey Byrn: 20-1
Tres Borrachos (El Blogador's mascot): 30-1
Icabad Crane: 30-1
Racecar Rhapsody: 30-1
Stevil: 30-1
Riley Tucker: 30-1
Giant Moon: 30-1
So, here's to you, Big Brown. I hope you and your jockey, who's name I assume is Little Brown, achieve greatness on account of us. Make another Eight Belles out of the rest of those whore-ses. (See what I did there? Genius!)

Your friends in cyberspace (and eternal Barbaro-dom),
The Big and the Brown

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