Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Did the Mitchell Report have an effect?

So, we're a quarter way through the baseball season, and if you take a look at the numbers across both leagues, you'll notice that doubles, triples, and homers are all down compared to the last few years.

What strategy is winning this season?

Small ball. Manufacturing runs. Moving runners. Stealing bases.

Does this mean that players are actually scared of being outed by the likes of the media and Congress that they've temporarily put down the PED's?

I'm not sure, but a better question might be: is it good for the game?

Does that mean I condone PED usage and "cheating"? No. But what saved baseball 10 years ago? The McGuire-Sosa home run chase and Bonds.

What does the casual fan want to see? Base running or Grand Slams? Stolen Bases or 2 run moon shots?

What is Bud Selig going to do when his game is "clean" but the ratings are down?

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