Thursday, May 15, 2008

Could tonight be the start of something new?

This years NBA playoffs have been fantastic. We have had new teams, (or at least new players on some old faces), big step up players, close games, and most notably, the teams that play good D, aren't the favorites anymore.

Tonight, the defending champs, San Antonio, could get knocked out of the playoffs by the upstart New Orleans Hornets. The best all round team over the past 10 years could get beat by the young, fast, offensive oriented Hornets. And on Friday, the Lake show could defeat a Jerry Sloan, defensive grid it out team in the Utah Jazz. And if you look at seeding, they should win.

If LA, and NO meet in the west finials, who ever wins will be the worst Defensive team to come out of the west in 20 years, maybe ever. Now, they both aren't bad defensive teams to say the least, but neither one has anybody that you can say, "hey guy, go cover that teams best player" and expect it to work.

The funny thing is, if you look at the East, they are about where the West was 8 years ago. They have one team that plays fantastic D, but has no real go to superstar(DET), and two teams fighting it out that rely solely on transcendet players(BOS,CLE). They are the LA with Kobe and Shaq, and the anti Sad Sac Kings of a couple years ago(instead of all O, they have all D, and no crunch time player).

Of course all of this a mute point if SA or Utah come back and win the last 2 games, but it gets me excited to think that in a copy cat league, some more teams will start to copy this trend of team oriented, offensive minded play.

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