Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bittersweet Celebrations

Is it really over?

Don't tease me with such stories. Please let it be true.

Why bittersweet? Well, it's great because no more focus on Jessica Simpson. It's bad because I had planned to use the Romo-Simpson alliance for comedy throughout the next few Cowboy seasons.

My hope is that he treats it like an interception and forgets about it in no time flat. We got plenty of buxom blondes in Dallas who'll do anything for a line of coke and a camera flash. What are the odds that Bobby Carpenter asks her out now? Who's going to care?

I'd like to hear Favre and Bradshaw argue this with back country witticisms on their first pre-game on Fox together. Made for television, I'd say.

Anyway, Tony always has the Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero to look forward to...oh yeah, and the upcoming season.


gerry dorsey said...

jessica herself has already come out and said this is not true.

how are you gonna post a pic of tony and not jessica with this story??

Big said...

(homo) he loves his gutair hero!

j-bizzle said...

just because you can't eat the guitar doesn't mean you can hate, big.

Big said...

hellva point bizzle