Monday, May 5, 2008

Bill Simmons inadvertently describes Rangers fans

I was reading Bill Simmons's latest column regarding the "death" of the Phoenix Suns.

Imagine my surprise when he accidentally described the feeling of almost every Ranger fan...

"I can't imagine why someone would want to own an NBA team if he cared more about breaking even than winning a championship. What's the point? Why not sell to someone who cares more about a title? Like so many other NBA fans, I have a pipe dream of stumbling into enough wealth to own an NBA team some day. It will never happen, but really, it's my ultimate pipe dream other than my daughter turning into a world-class tennis player and me turning into one of those deranged Tennis Dads who shows up for every match flashing hand signals and intimidating the judges. Anyway, if I were fortunate enough to own an NBA team, I would never, ever, EVER favor my pockets over a chance at a title. I just wouldn't. It's like going to Vegas for a guy's weekend and refusing to lose more than $100. Why even go then? Just stay home."

If you cut through the general "Simmons-ery" that is in that paragraph, you'll notice how he describes Tom Hicks to a tee. Yes, you can argue this for a lot of teams and their owners, but this blog is based in Dallas, and Cuban and Jones will pay whatever it takes. Only Hicks is the ass who cares more about the bottom line.

On a side note, everyone needs to understand something: the Mavericks are not going to have the success you expect them to have in the next few years. Dallas is old with no direction and no Spurs-like nucleus. New Orleans and Portland are going to be taking Dallas's and Phoenix's perennial playoff spots.

I'm not happy about it, but at the same time, it adds a bit of flavor to the season when you know the team has to fight every game instead of coasting.

Talk about fishing for a silver lining...

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