Thursday, April 17, 2008

Your NBA Playoff first round guide - East

In an attempt to ease myself into the gut wrenching, crotch kicking time known as the NBA playoffs, we are going to start from the teams in the EAST, furthest away from the Mavericks, and work our way back to Dallas. This is your Eastern Conference 1st round Playoff preview.

1 Boston Celtics vs. 8. Atlanta Hawks.

Boston has, as we all know, the big 3, Ray Allen, Paul Peirce, and Kevin Garnett. Without a doubt the most talented big 3 in the League. Combined they average over 55 points, 17 rebounds, and 11 assists, per game. The role players on this team are veterans with experience, Posey and Cassell, and young guys with upside, Rondo and Perkins. I haven't seen a single place yet that says this team will even have a problem with the Hawks.

Durring the middle of the season, Atlanta saw a roster that was for the most part young, talented and scary. Of there opening day starting roster, 4 positions had locked down starters in it. The only thing that didn't was PG. SOOO that's where the Sad Sac Kings came into play. They had a veteran star who wanted out, they wanted to get rid of some cap space, and the Hawks made them a good offer. Enter Mike Bibby. I don't think this trade was for this year, but they knew that in the east, if you can hover near 500 you can make the cash cow that is the playoffs. So that's what they did. Joe Johnson still makes this team go, and they can rebound with about anybody, but they have no chance against one of 2 teams that beat the west this year.

Boston in 4

2. Detroit Pistons vs. 7 Philadelphia 76ers

Detroit is the constant definition of "team" basketball. The team leader is crazy ass Rasheed Wallace, but his play is not measured in points, but in bad assness.

76ers - Young team, streaked into the last part of the season, then lost their last 4. Despite splitting the regular season series, I don't give them much of shot.

Detroit in 5

3. Orlando Magic vs. 6. Toronto Raptors

Orlando has a budding super star(Howard), an overpaid semi star(Lewis), and decent role players (Turkaglu, Nelson). I haven't watched much of Orlando, but I like where the team is heading.

Toronto is another east time on the rise. Chris Bosh is a beast down low, and Jose Caldaron/T.J. Ford make for a more than serviceable PG duo. Alot of people expected this team to take some steps forward this year, but they really didn't.

Magic in 6.

4 Cleveland Cav's vs. 5. Washington Wizards.

Might be the only match up in the east to really pay attention to. Its LeBron vs. Gilbert. How can this not go at least 6?

The Cavs are still trying to figger out how to best implement the new players they got at the trade deadline. Wallace has been OK, West has been good, and Wally is just Wally, he could go for 25 or shoot 1-23. LBJ will carry this this team as he always does.

The Wiz have an interesting team. They lost their best player, Arenas, for most of year, and still fielded a good team in the east. Most of that can be attributed to the underrated play of A. Jamison, and C. Butler. Both near 20 points a game.

Cavs win on the back of LBJ
Cavs in 7

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