Thursday, April 17, 2008

Since we are "outing" everybody

Since Brown deceided to show you what we look like. I thought it only fair to give you all a look at our guests as well.

El Blogadore

Sir Arthur Chillumsworth Esq.

Tioga, The Sherpa of Camping

and of course, manBEARpig


Anonymous said...

I used to come to this site for good sports write ups. Now all i see is nonsense. It reminds me of ESPN the way you put jokes before information. Shame on you big and brown and el blogadore and chillemsworth and manbear pig and Tioga. When I want a good laugh I go to that blog is soooooo much better than this one.


You Know Who! said...

Next time I see manBEARpig referenced... each of you will get a bear claw sipe to the face! Then I will gut my freshly caught mountian stream salmon on your chest!

Big said...

but it had a line through it! It was edited!

Anonymous said...

I actaully owned a Mil Mascaras mask. It was green, white and gold. I miss that mask.