Thursday, April 17, 2008

Not ready for the full blown preview yet, but.

Mav's V. Hornets. Round 1. Hornets the 2 seed, Mav's 7th. I will do a full blown preview coming up soon, but here is something to look at. ESPN's experts predictions.

Adande Mav's in 6
Broussard Mav's in 7
Ford Hornets in 7
Hollinger Hornets in 7
Stein Mav's in 6
Thorpe Mav's in 7
Big Mav's in 3

Just food for thought.


Anonymous said...

mavs in 5

j-bizzle said...

apparently Big thinks the Mavs are SO good that should the series start out 3-0 in favor of the Mavs, the Hornets will automatically forfeit game 4...Big was never very good at Math