Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blogador keeps it coming

Sometimes people crossover into other areas of entertainment. This is common with sports entertainment. The Rock being the most recent success. Cena tried, Stone Cold tried, Mach Man tried (Bonesaw!!). I hope to be succesful in my attempt as Blogador does business. Our economy has take a turn from the worse. It's hit the airline industry pretty hard as airlines file bankruptcy. Well a merger was made to try and keep Delta in the black. And to stay in the black they really went black, merging with NWA.

Maybe this was brought on by Alecia Keys comments about gangsta rap. Maybe it was Dre, Cube, Yellow wanting to one up Jay-Z, P. Diddy, Fiddy in business endeavors. Maybe both sides just wanted to see Soul Plane become a reality. I think it will be interesting. There will be some obstacles, though.

* If you book through the new Delta expect delays. The airline will be running in CP time (Ed.Note: As a colored person myself, this is so so true.)
* The line at the security check point will be extensive given the new client base brought in by the boys straight out of Compton.
* Limited service area, any trips to the east coast will probably have to be booked on another airline.
* It might be a safer flight, if the hijackers know anything about NWA.
* Air marshals on the other hand, I think police are police even in the air.
* A whole new Mile High Club.
* You'll have to board the plane from the tarmac since the new asthetic changes prevent the plane from being high enough to enter at the gate.
* The question will be raised: Does the FAA have regulations on window tint?
* Glade spray and timers will be added to lavatories, out of safety for those who don't get there first.
* The picture of Eazy-E on the tail would be way cooler than Alaska Airlines stupid picture of an Eskimo that looks like a lion.

Wait, this isn't the NWA. Northwest Airlines? Why didn't they type that out on the ticker at the bottom of the screen?

You got to admit it would be pretty cool.

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