Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow...three names I never thought would go together

Apparently, I share a thought with Steve Kerr and Bill Simmons...the Spurs and the Sonics have some serious collusion going on, and Dave Stern ain't doing shit about it.

Steve Kerr:

"I think maybe there was something behind the scenes there," Suns GM Steve Kerr told Sports 620 KTAR.


"If I'm Seattle, I'm not going to let Barry go, I'm going to let Donyell Marshall go," Kerr said.


"(Seattle GM) Sam Presti used to be in San Antonio as an assistant," Kerr said. "Who knows? I don't have any proof of that and I'm not about to look into that."

Bill Simmons:

"In my post-trade-deadline blog, I wondered why Otis Smith didn't trump San Antonio's offer for Kurt Thomas. Well, Florida Today reported Seattle demanded first-rounders in 2008 and 2010 from Orlando, then settled for a 2008 first-rounder from San Antonio that will be a worse pick than the pick Orlando was offering. Um, how is that not collusion? Sam Presti worked for the Spurs; now he's giving them a discount price for Thomas? Throw in Brent Barry's curious decision to spurn Phoenix for the Spurs, as well as Steve Kerr's frustrated comments afterward, and this is like one of those shady incidents that happens in a fantasy league. I thought Presti stopped working for the Spurs?"

"Don't think that Mark Cuban is going to sit still when Barry goes back to the Spurs. Remember how the league was going to step in and say "Hey, Jerry Stackhouse, you can't do that?" Well, now the Spurs are going to pull the same shit about it with Barry. If Cuban doesn't purposely overpay Barry as a confusing "fuck you", then he's certainly going to piss and moan when Barry goes back to San Antonio."

Yeah, I wasn't right about Cuban getting too mad. However, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks some seriously fucked up shit is going on down in Lil' Mexico.

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