Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Welp, at least he didn't go all crazy

A bit of sad news, and bit of good news(kinda). One of the top WWE stars Jeff Hardy has been suspended for 60 days by his empoyler for his second positive test for drugs.

He was getting a big "push" from the company, and could have held the strap at some point this year. I'm bummed to see him go. He was intertaining. For more info, check out Ring Posts

In a little bit better news, Jake the Snake Roberts is out of Rehab! It was his 3rd go, hope its the last.

BTW- If Snake was on the Rehab show with Dr. Drew, I would have watched it.

BTW2 - He kinda looks like Sam Elliot right? You know the guy from Tombstone? He is the voice of the Whataburger? Go fuck yourself.

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gerry dorsey said...

dude did you not watch celebrity rehab anyway?? there is not a bigger hater of reality tv on the planet, but this show really had something. it was freakin' anarchy.