Friday, March 7, 2008

We bow to our Rocket overlords

Well, shit, that sure sucked.

You know what? I'm tired of this crap. Look, I've been a Mavericks fan since the days of the 14 win seasons, so I'm not complaining too much. However, I'm really getting tired of finding myself saying the same god damned thing over and over again about this team:

-Need more interior presence.
-Stop the perimeter shooting game.
-Get nasty.

Even then, I'm okay with things because those are the kinds of players we have. When Jerry Stackhouse is your best "drive to the hoop" guy, you gotta expect this shit.

What is really a thorn in my side these days is Avery Johnson, the Overcoacher. I'm an Avery fan. I think he is the kind of coach this team needs, in that he's a task master and he's, supposedly, a czar who forces his team to do what he asks. At least that is what I thought he was supposed to do.

How in the fuck does the COACH OF THE TEAM complain that his team spends too much time on the perimeter and doesn't have any interior presences. I don't want the coach to say "geez, I'm pretty sure I could have driven the lane tonight." YOU'RE THE FUCKING COACH! YOU NEED TO TAKE YOUR MIDGET-LIKE, NEW ORLEANS CAJUN ACCENT AND TELL THESE PEOPLE HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL!

That being said, Grunge Dave over at Dream Shake said it best, the Mavericks are playing against the Suns to see who can choke themselves out of the playoffs. Note how both of these teams made "big moves" to match the Lakers and Spurs this year. I've still got faith the Mavericks can sneak in, but god damn it, play some fucking basketball people.

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