Monday, March 10, 2008

A voice from Germany's past requests victory

Franz Beckenbauer spoke up and has requested (as much as any German can request something) Germany to end its poor performances as of late, and to shock the world in the Euro 2008 championship this summer.

Beckenbauer is a legend in German soccer, having won the World Cup as a player in the 70's and again as a coach in the 90's on the foot of Jurgen Klinsman. (He's also famous for playing along side Pele in the long forgotten New York Cosmos, but that doesn't really apply.)

Keep in mind this is a VERY young German team that reached the semis of the World Cup 2 years ago, and has pretty much coasted into the Euro qualifiers. Here's the kicker. They've WON the past few friendlies that they've played, but according to Beckenbrauer, they played sloppy and uninspired soccer and he's calling bull shit.

How does this affect anyone who reads this blog? Think about it.

If one of Dallas's local sports teams is far outperforming what's expected from a very young team, and they've gone on to damn near coast to everything they've played and consistently win games by a decisive margin...would you hear anyone get pissed off?

You might argue that people were saying that about the Cowboys. However, phrases like "Don't worry, they're just reserving themselves for the playoffs" or "A win is a win, no matter how ugly, right?" pretty much say that people accept sloppy play regardless of what it might mean for the future.

The point here is, no matter how good your team is playing, no matter how much they are out performing what you'd expect from them, if they play listlessly, carelessly, or without fire, they can never break through to win.

Perhaps the coaches, supporters and players/leaders should take note of this and realize what it take to get out of the first round of a playoff run...or in the case of the Rangers, get through April and still have fan support.

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