Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Two quick points

1) The Favre era is over.
He's retiring. I hope someone has John Madden and Peter King on suicide watch. Aaron Rodgers? Craig Nall? Paul Thompson? Draft Pick A? Who's the guy that's going to be put in the next Brian Griese/Jake Plummer/Jay Cutler type fiasco of trying to replace a legend and fan icon?

2) You won't like Dirk when he's angry
Sure, the Mavericks lost last night, and badly to the Utah Jazz. Did anyone else kind of feel taken aback that Dirk went all Kermit Washington on Andrei Kirilenko? Better yet, does anyone think he screamed "HITLER WAS BETTER THAN STALIN!" when he did it? I hope he did. I'm probably one of the few who thinks Dirk should stare down David Stern and Mark Cuban as much as possible. I bet Big was proud of him.


Big said...


Bear said...

I have to say, it's sad to see Favre go. Not because some people feel I have to say it, but because it truly is the end of a Era! Brett Favre is the last of the era that included the end of Montana, John Elway, Troy Aikman, Steve Young and Dan Marino! He truly is the last of one of the greats, and is a sure first ballot hall of famer.
The irony of it all is the class of new QB's that are being ushered into the league as he bows out. Most notably Tony Romo, because he grew up watching Favre, and if you've ever been to Wisconsin and seen how they hold Favre up next to god with Lambeau being their church, it's shocking to watch him play and see the similarities in their style! So now what? For those of us who grew up loving, but hating Montana and all the times he beat our Cowboys! Then rooting for Elway to get his first superbowl win! Always holding hope that Marino's Phin's would be competitive agian! So what do we have?
We have several amazing quarterbacks to replace; Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tony Romo to name a few (And no, not Eli)! I am enjoying watching these guys play, and seeing them pick apart defenses like Aikman, Montana, Elway, Marino. But it is sad to see a guy like Favre, who was completely down to earth, always thought of as just that "Aww Shucks!" southern Mississippi farm boy who had an amazing arm go! We will all miss you Brett Favre! Especially your 0-9 record in Texas Stadium.