Monday, March 10, 2008

Tomorrow, Shawn Marion plays for two teams at one time

Tomorrow night, the Hawks and the Heat are going to replay 51 seconds that were botched in a game before Christmas.

What bothers everyone (including me) is that both of these teams are COMPLETELY different.

Let's see, a large fellow was traded to Phoenix for an all star. A bunch of guys were traded to Sacramento for a veteran point guard. A few guys are in the D-league now. A coach has quit on his team to become a scout...pretty much a flip from the last time.

The argument has been made that it's really a question of two entities playing each other, and it isn't the players. That's retarded. The NBA is NOT a league based on the name on the front of the jersey, it's based on the name on the back. James, Bryant, Howard, Nowitski, Duncan, Garnett, etc. Those are the entities you are associated with.

Anyway, the Heat were, indeed, fucked on a scorekeeper's error and now they are getting another crack at it.

My question here is, doesn't this set a bad precedent?

How many people are going to claim they were screwed by a time clock, shot clock, a scorekeeper, this, that or the other? Can't they just point to this game and say "you let them replay it, why not us"?

For a league that Stern and Jackson want to run on objective thought and rule, this seems to be about as arbitrary and subjective an application of rules as it gets.

As for the Shawn Marion thing? He already played a game on December 19th for the Suns, and that's in the stat book. Now he's going to play in a game for a different team that will go on the stat book for December 19th. Physics be damned, he really is "the Matrix"

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The Bear said...

So can the Mavs replay the last 3 games of the NBA finals agianst the Heat? And keep it this team agianst their current team?