Friday, March 7, 2008

Time to Eat some crow


As you can tell by the pic above, The Dallas Mavericks lost to the Houston Rockets last night 113-98 at home.

We had a little side bet with the boys over at The Dream Shake, a Rockets blog; Whose ever team wins get to pick the Image and get a few lines in the others morning blog, so they choice the Tony Braxton Kidd above, and this.

"Jason Terry and the Mavs were no competition for the streaking Houston Rockets. The Overcoacher had no answers for Tracy McGrady or "Luis Landry" and even let Rafer Alston be the hero of the game. You know you suck when Rafer gets his season high against you in a 15 point victory. Meanwhile, Dirk Nowitzki was likely enjoying his one-game reprieve by taking Ms. Toni Braxton out for a nice seafood dinner... and then never calling her again. Just to stick it to Jason Kidd. Show him who's still the boss. The Mavericks are now fighting with the Phoenix Suns to see who can choke their way out of the playoff race faster."
That from Grunge Dave at the Shake. I got one other email last night from him simply saying "pwn3d, bitches." (they requested the text to be "Rockets Red," So if its a red rocket you want, let me holla at my buddy's dog Vegas. He's always sporting one. )


It pains me to see that Kidd had a line of 7 6 and 6 in such a big game because I'm still on board with the Kidd trade. The thing that I'm not on board with right now is the play of our other "stars." I knew that having Dirk out would be a hard pill to swallow, but I thought "Hey, we have 2 former all stars, Josh Howard, and Jerry Stackhouse, and a score from any where threat, Jason Terry, we will be alright."

Boy was I wrong. Terry had 17, all in the first half, Stack had a measly 11 off the bench and while Howard had 21, his main job was to stay in front of T-Mac last night, and well not so much buddy. His 31 points said we didn't have ANYBODY that can d up on that guy.

The "Luis Landy," as the Shake people call the combo of Luis Scola and Carl Landy, was painstakingly great last night with 29 points and 11 rebs between them.

And then good ol' Skip to my Lou Alston had a season high 24.

It pretty much just sucked all around last night. At least the bet made it fun/agonizing to watch. I hope we can do the same kinda bets with these boys over the rest of the season.

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I just came over from the Dream Shake, and as a Rockets fan I must say: learn how to use a comma please.