Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The NBA, its FAAANNNNN-tastic

I've been blatantly ignoring the Mav's for the past little bit. Why? Because every time I start to talk about them, and start thinking about them, I start bleeding from the Ears. But, no worries mate, I'm still watching what, in my NBA awareness life, is the BEST NBA year ever. The only way this wont go down as the best NBA year in the last 20 years is some shitty playoffs(read Spurs vs Pistons finials.) Just wanted to drop a few bits of my insane thoughts on yo bitch ass.

-We said it yesterday, but it needs to be said again, Dirks out at least 2 weeks, now it might be the rest of the year. Since the Kidd trade Dirk was playing the best basketball of his career. It hurts to see him go. Now 1 of 2 things can happen.

1. The Mav's rally around the stars Kidd, Stackhouse, and Howard, keep in the playoff race, Dirk returns with a few games left, and they wreck shop.

2. They fall apart. They miss the playoffs. Avery gets fired(bad thing?). We take a long hard look at this team(bad thing?). We get our pick back from the Raptors, and get a draft pick somewhere around the 14-18 range.

-How is this not getting some looks from the league? I don't want to sound like the Mav's fan who hates all things Spurs, while yes, Their fans are obnoxious, Manu flops worse than the movie Gigle, Bowen is a dirty mother fucker, and I heard Pop kills puppys while masturbating, but when the Mav's get CRUCIFIED for wanting to trade Stack, so they could cut him and then sit out 30 days, then come back to the Mavs. Thats a big no no said Stern. They can't do that. a week later the Spurs traded Barry for Kurt Thomas, then Barry was cut, waited 30 days and resigned with the Spurs. How is this any different?

(fuck the Spurs, last time we met in the playoffs, we won)(bitches)

- The Supersonics of Seattle are all but gone. Or are they? While the team will be moving, the name Sonics, colors green and gold, and all the records might be staying in Seattle. Good call boys. Maybe if you change the name and colors people will forget how you douched the fans of Seattle.

- Rockets were a cute little story with their 22 game winning streak. They are 2-3 since. Its a little harder to win when you play Boston, New Orleans, Golden State, and Phoenix. (They only won against GS)

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lynch said...

hey just so you know the lottery means that we would pick no higher than 14, and the only way we get that first round pick is if we miss the playoffs. Heres hoping Cuban pays off stern and weasels his way into the top 10. DJ Augustin, YES!!!!