Monday, March 3, 2008

I'll never write this again.

Ok, this may be the only time I ever write these words, so at least it'll be stored for posterity. Big was right. After 7 games and getting the chance to not only watch him in television and in person, the Jason Kidd deal had to get done, and it's going to be a positive.

Will the Mavericks win a title? Probably not, at least not in this year's Western conference. Are they a better team then they were 3 weeks ago? Yes.

I'll be totally honest, I haven't paid much attention to Kidd since the Nets were the finals a while back. Sure, I always knew he was a great basketball player and that he was one of the last remaining pure point guards, but getting to actually watch the guy play reminds you just how good he is and how much he really can change a team.

You've got guys like Dampier who are directly benefiting from having a guy find them right under the rim where they can't miss a shot. You've got guys like Dirk, Howard, Stackhouse and Terry that are benefiting by no longer having to create their own shots. Shit, I'll even say that J.J. Barea, the great Mexican hope, is benefiting by learning to play the game under Kidd.

Again, as much a Mavs fan as I am, I don't think they've got what it takes to win the West THIS YEAR. However, I think a trio of Dirk, Kidd and Howard is much more potent and much more successful then a trio of Dirk, Howard and Harris.


Anonymous said...

They still lost to the Spurs. You can make all the trades you want but if The Mavs can't beat the Spurs they will never go anywhere. Mavs suck! GO SPURS!

gerry dorsey said...

enjoy your stay has really brought quite a bit of insight to the comments section of this blog. so i'd like to say thank you.

Anonymous said...

WHOOOT Go spurs. I think my comment boils down to the real issue at hand. How many times have the Spurs stopped the Mavs playoff run, 3,4,5, i don't know stats. Just let Golden State take care of the Spurs light weight.