Friday, March 21, 2008

How did you get to our website?

We have a little Google analytics thing on this site that lets us know what searches people are doing to get to our web site. I haven't really done too much to check on what people are searching to get here, but when I looked this All my Maverick woes are gone because I've been belly laughing for about 10 minutes now.

Here's some highlights of ACTUAL SEARCHES that people have done that have made them visit this little site right here.

twogirlsandacup - I like the fact that our website is now synonymous to women eating shit. Why do people need to Google this? Haven't they figured out the site to go to?

soulja boy ejaculation - I can only imagine some guy sitting at his computer looking for naked pictures of Soulja Boy Tellem, apparently ejaculating, and ending up on Big's comparison of the Mavericks to the Big Lebowski.

june jones fucker - Have we ever mentioned June Jones on this site? Neither of us care about SMU football or Hawai'i football. Let alone, why someone wants to see or call him a fucker.

new porn order - Giggle.

sam elliot nude blogspot - Again, I picture some frumpy housewife who has just seen "Tombstone" and thought the guy with the bushy mustache was uber-sexy. So she's in front of her computer looking for nude pics of him to get her rocks off. She specifies blogspot because, let's be honest, that's much more innocuous on your search history. What does she come across? A "STOP Hammertime" picture.

around and brown porno - And here I thought no one found out about this.

bigs clitoris - I always knew that he had one. This proves it.

bigs moms on small boys - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

boylove - Thanks, Google. I'm just waiting to walk into my own living room one day to find Chris Hansen asking me to sit down and tell him what this has to do with our website.

brown porn - A vast collection indeed. You should search for it.

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gerry dorsey said...

this is one of my favorite games to play. about once a week my friends get an email with the craziest google search that brought someone to uncle rico. it quite a world we live in. you've inspired me to put it in a post now.